The Outer Worlds guide: How to find the shrink ray

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Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division by Polygon

scientific weapons in the outer worlds They are unique weapons that defy reality. They might not do the most damage, but they’re definitely fun to use.

There are five scientific weapons to find the outer worlds. All five require power cell Ammunition. Its damage will scale with the user’s. technology > scientific competence. The true utility of scientific weapons lies in their destructive physical properties.

In this guide we will find your first scientific weapon, the shrink radiusinside Phineas Laboratory.

Void Weapons // Obtain Phineas’ Science Weapon


The shrink ray in Phineas’ lab.
Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division by Polygon

Once you’ve repaired your ship at the end of the Stranger in a Strange Land main quest, head to your quarters in Unreliable. Read the notes on your terminal to learn that Hawthorne was trying to find science weapons. One is in Phineas’ lab.

Take the Dodgy to Phineas’ lab and go inside. There are a lot of distractions here, but your goal is the switch directly across from Phineas. Walk up to him and look a little to the right.

shrink radius

Retractable Shelves Offers plasma damage, but also makes your target smaller for a few seconds. They’re a little harder to hit, but their armor and damage are also reduced. increase yours Technology > scientific competence increases the amount of reduction.

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