The Outer Worlds guide: How to find the mandibular rearranger


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scientific weapons in the outer worlds They are unique weapons that defy reality. They might not do the most damage, but they’re definitely fun to use. There are five scientific weapons to find the outer worlds.

All five science weapons required power cell Ammunition. Its damage will scale with the user’s. technology > scientific competence. The true utility of scientific weapons lies in their destructive physical properties.

In this guide we will find the mandibular rearrangement in Scylla.

Void Weapons // Acquire the Science Weapon on Scylla


Buy the at Groundbreaker Hephaestus Mining – Archival Cartouche from Gladys, and check it in the terminal at your accommodation. Go to Scylla and follow the pin on your map east. You will find this staff in a building near the Abandoned mining outpost.

mandibular rearrangement

the mandibular rearrangement offers physically Damage and each hit is slowed and It staggers objective. If you hit someone often enough, they will freeze in place. increase yours Technology > scientific competence increases the amount of time the target remains frozen.

The Outer Worlds Guide and Walkthrough

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