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the evil within 2, like any open-world game, is packed with things to explore, seek, find, and collect. Some of them are useful, like ammo pouches or locker key statues (those knee-high statues that are scattered everywhere). These instantly give you something (pretty) useful as you journey through Union. The other things you can pick up are purely collectible. They are of no use except to satisfy your craving for accomplishment.

In this guide we will show you where to find collectibles the evil within 2the third chapter

Chapter 3 “Resonances” recording locations

the evil within 2 Chapter 3 has eight files, two slidesY three mysterious objects stand up. To make it easier to find, we’ve included an image of the collectible as you’ll see it in-game, as well as a screenshot of the map (if there’s a map to show you).


Archives add context to the story the evil within 2. The stories told by the archives don’t directly affect the main story, but paint a more detailed picture.

Welcome to the association brochure

This is directly across from O’Neal’s safehouse and slightly to the left of it Union Visitor Center. The brochure is on the counter in the back.

Turner Communicator Diary


Tango Gameworks/Bethesda Softworks

On a later visit to Union Visitor Center while residual memoryYou can access the basement. After looking at the memory, you will find the communicator on the desk.

Mobius Communicator newspaper: spare parts

Next door, on the west side of the Union Visitor Center, is another large building. There are stairs and a ladder to the roof between it and the Union Visitor Center. There are various items to collect from the dead Mobius Agents, including a communications log.

Report No. 00592: Disposition request

Once you open the underpass Auto Repair UnionYou can find this folder in the room to the right of the hallway (opposite the room with the access code).

The closest collectibles can be found along Cedar Ave., the north-south route on Union’s eastern edge. We will place the addresses in the descriptions as they appear as you type.

diary of the woman

This newspaper is on the table in the room 336 Cedar Avenue. After your Nightmare Vision Memory you will find the fire item slide At the same place.

KCPD Psychological Test Application

A little further north is 345 Cedar Avenue. — is the last house on the right. It’s a bit off the road so make sure you don’t miss it. Go through the front rooms and into the hallway at the end, then turn left. The file is in stretcher (quite normal) in the garage.

Torn psychological assessment report

This file will not appear until you find it psychological exam then go into the living room to turn off the TV. It will be on the bedside table in the bedroom on the right side of the house.

Picking it up will trigger another vision that will result in you finding it beacon hospital slide down.

Report #00654: Main Movement

You’ll likely end up in the same room as this file when you complete Chapter 3’s main story. On the second floor of Tredwell truck, there is a room with a workbench. The folder is on a counter on the left.


Slides are photographs that stimulate conversation. They don’t directly affect the main story, but add color to the world of the evil within 2.

beacon hospital


Tango Gameworks/Bethesda Softworks

Inside 345 Cedar Avenue., it will recover some files. The second that Torn psychological assessment report, will trigger a vision. At the end of the vision, you are walking down a long hallway in a wheelchair at the end. The slide sits on the wheelchair seat.



Tango Gameworks/Bethesda Softworks

After picking up the diary of the woman (see above) and you survive your vision, you find yourself in the chamber of 336 Cedar Avenue. The slide is on the table, right where the newspaper was.

mysterious objects

the eight mysterious objects You can find while playing the evil within 2 They are a purer collector’s item. They have nothing to do with the game and don’t even appear in your menus. They’re fun to find because they link to other games.

mysterious mask

There are a few in far western Union derailed cars. In between an overturned truck. Turn left at the van and get into the second car at the end of the train on the left. The mask is on a bench in front.

Mysterious weapon replica

almost all the way up cedar avenue. At the east end of the Union is the Hostal Casa Szilard. (It’s easy to spot as it looks like a fancy hotel from the outside.) On the south side of the inn is a barrack next to a Fence. Go to the Shed and then to the next one. the blanket along the wooden boards. The replica of the weapon is in the front left corner of the roof.

mysterious machine

The Mystery Machine is located in a a truck in the backyard Tredwell truck. It’s the truck closest to the garage door that you open to close the events of Chapter 3. Go to the front of the truck. The machine is on the floor behind the crate.

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