The Division 2 guide: The best perks to spend SHD Tech on

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Through the department 2find a resource called SHD Tech that will help you add perks to your character. These permanent benefits affect everything from being able to carry more weapons to receiving bonuses based on your level of play. While farming for SHD Tech can be easy, knowing which perks to select can be confusing at first.

With over a dozen perks to choose from, each with multiple tiers that you can purchase, what are the best benefits the department 2? This guide will help you choose the best perks for your character.


After unlocking the Quartermaster at the beginning of the department 2Get a quick guide on how unlocking perks works. Each perk requires a certain amount of SHD Technology to be acquired, and once you unlock a perk, its perks are permanent. Some perks give you new abilities, and some even unlock new items, like mods for your weapons.


Mass Entertainment / Ubisoft via Polygon

As you progress through the tutorial you will be prompted to unlock your first major perk, Weapon slot upgrade. This perk allows you to permanently equip two primary weapons and one secondary weapon. From there you are free to choose the benefit you want.

Receive Fill up Tiers one and two will automatically reload all your armor sets and grenades when you enter a safe space like a colony or the White House. This is a great starting advantage, especially if you’re using safe slots to fast travel as you progress through main and side quests. Since you can only obtain more armor sets and grenades from fallen enemies, it ensures that you always go into a new mission fully equipped.

To support the resupply advantage, enter at least the first level of the armor set Y grenades Advantage. Each level of these perks allows you to wear an additional armor set or grenade. If you max out the armor set and the grenade perk, you’ll benefit even more from the replenishment ability to fill both items.

Another set of early perks worth claiming are the various ones honors Advantage. Each Commendation level gives you additional XP for defeating enemies. Since most of what you’ll be doing is taking down baddies, you might as well get extra XP for doing so. As you progress through the Commendation perk tree, you’ll earn different buffs for different types of kills:

  • Tier 1 – Bonus XP for headshots
  • Tier 2 – Multiple Kill XP bonus
  • Level 3: Bonus XP for kills when activating enemy weak points
  • Tier 4: Bonus XP for environmental item kills
  • Tier 5 – XP bonuses don’t die (survive) for long periods of time


Weapon upgrades can be used on any weapon once it has been unlocked
Mass Entertainment / Ubisoft via Polygon

The next perks to unlock are related to weapon modifications. the magazine, snout, optical, Y enter Perks unlock permanent mods that you can attach to any weapon. As you unlock each tier of these perks, you’ll earn new mods to attach to your primary and secondary weapons:

  • the magazine advantage affects the amount of ammo you can have per corresponding weapon type.
  • the snout advantage Add attachments that suppress the noise of your guns.
  • the optical advantage gives you several options to help you aim.
  • the enter advantage unlocks various attachments that contribute to the weapon’s stability.

You can combine these perks with all of your weapons, so you don’t have to worry about losing them once you’ve unlocked them.

From there, it’s up to you to determine which perks you find most valuable. Some of them open up more slots for crafting materials, while others allow you to craft multiple pieces of gear. The advantages in the department 2 Allow for flexible play, but our recommendations will give you the best starting point.

Once you’ve unlocked most of the perks you want, you’ll likely have spare SHD tech in your inventory. You can use your Bonus Tech to unlock variations of the Quartermaster’s abilities. If you need more resources, check out our farming guide from SHD Tech.

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