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The dark area is the department 2Hybrid PvPvE mode, and that sometimes makes choosing a team a bit more difficult than in other modes. To help you succeed in the Dark Zone against other players and the AI, we have some tips for building your team.


Your best bet here is to try and match your weapons. You want one that is easy to make constant damagelike an assault rifle or machine gun and whatever is best blast damage like a sniper rifle or a shotgun. Choose them based on each weapon’s stats and if any of them have stats like a higher critical hit that could help you deal more damage.

Your gear is the other factor that can help you decide between weapons or weapon types. If several of your parts have talents related to a firearm class, incorporate them into your build. You might have a good assault rifle, but if all the talents on your team are upgrading SMGs, you might be better off grabbing one instead.


Your gear choice is a matter of synergy. Look at all the parts that you have that have a high gear score and try to match the categories in those parts. If you have a vest that gives you extra critical hit damage, look for a holster or backpack that gives you an extra critical hit chance. The same goes for weapon types. It’s better to have two or three parts that improve the same type of weapon than to spread its bonuses.

The two stats that are exceptions to this rule are weapon damage and health. You should prioritize these stats above anything else. If you have a piece or two with particularly high weapon damage bonuses, pick them up and change their other stats. This will ensure you’re maximizing your overall damage, since weapon damage stats apply to all of your weapons, not just one type.


In the Dark Zone, the most important thing is to stay alive. Because of this, the first skill you’ll almost always want to keep is this Chem launcher with boost mod. With this mod you can create a small circle that restores the armor of your allies inside. It’s easy to use, reloads quickly, and can give you a huge advantage over another player in a firefight.

Your second ability is a little looser, but your best bet is this Drone with Striker mod. The drone is perfect for searching for enemy targets. It’s small and quite distracting for other players. If they choose to shoot it, that should give you time to shoot them without getting shot at them, and if they ignore it, the drone will continue to deal you free damage. If you’re playing solo and think you could use some more healing, you can also switch the drone to the Fixer modwho will follow you everywhere and bring you healing.

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