The Best Crates for Large Dogs

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A good, large dog crate is worth its weight in gold. After all, cages aren’t just for training or caring for your pet. When properly placed, they can be a cozy sanctuary and safe place for your pup in the home. But finding the right crate for your large dog can be tricky, which is why we’re here to help.

Before you start shopping, it’s important to know your dog’s measurements. Many pet owners rely on weight as a good guide (since manufacturers often differentiate sizes that way), but that alone is not enough. You’ll also want to know your dog’s length, height, and width.

Ideally, a large dog crate should be big enough to let your pup inside very uprightwide enough for her turn aroundand long enough to leave her stretch fully. Large dog kennels can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. So if you find that your pup needs a “large” product, don’t assume another product is the same size. It’s a good idea to refer to the product size chart for measurements before purchasing.

Once you know what size to look for, you should also consider the style and material. Retailers sell a variety of large plastic, metal, and wooden dog crates. And each material has its pros and cons.

For example, crates are great for strong dogs that can fight their way through anything, but they tend to be heavy and difficult to move, especially if they’re big enough for large dogs. Plastic crates are now generally affordable and are great for use in cars, but offer less ventilation and visibility than a dog might enjoy indoors. Wooden dog crate furniture is certainly the most attractive of all styles, but they cost more, aren’t collapsible, and aren’t chewable.

With that in mind, check out some of the best large dog crates we’ve found for large puppies. Whether you have a 50 pound Pittie or a 100 pound Great Dane, we have something to suit your dog and your style.

For more help identifying your pup’s needs, see Choosing the Right Kennel: Your Complete Guide.

The folks at Diggs know your pup is a beloved member of your family and designed their Revol Dog Crate inspired by baby industry standards. Designed for large dog breeds, this collapsible crate features a double-locking entrance door for escape artists. Although this crate is more expensive, its durability, features and design will keep your dog comfortable and happy for years.

Verified rating: “My general impression is that it’s an investment, but if you’re looking for something that will last, rather than starting with the basics, this is a great option.”

Gray cage for dogs Diggs

Diggs Revol dog crate

An innovative dog box for large dog breeds.

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This MidWest product comes in a variety of sizes and can accommodate dogs up to 110 pounds. It is made of steel wire and can be folded for easy transport. It is available with a single or double door and has a removable plastic base for easy cleaning.

Helpful review: “We bought a large one for our 35lb golddoodle. Perfect size! The two doors give you more placement options in your home. Satisfied customer.”

Metal MidWest Collapsible Kennel

Metal MidWest Collapsible Kennel

For a basic wire dog crate that comes in several large sizes, this is a great option that folds away when not in use.

Not only do New Age Pet kennels come in a variety of colors, they’re made of non-toxic plastic that’s more durable than wood. According to the manufacturer, this cage is best suited for an already caged dog. This large dog house comes in large and extra-large sizes and can hold dogs up to 80 pounds.

helpful review: “This cage is perfect for my dog. She is a two year old pit mix and loves to sleep. It’s easy to set up and looks good too. The cat likes to stay in it when the dog is gone. Please note this is NOT for a dog that has not been crate trained. It will not withstand severe scratching or chewing. Train your dog in a more durable crate, then switch to this one. I use the collapsible crate I trained them in for traveling and training other dogs.

Side table for dog cage

Side table for dog cage

Available in a variety of colors, these dog cages look like wood but are made of a more durable, non-toxic plastic material.

The RuffMaxx box is one of the most popular boxes for large dogs, especially for training. It is designed for dogs from 50 to 70 pounds and can be used at home and on the go. It is a resistant plastic material and very easy to assemble.

Helpful review: “My dog ​​has gotten out of every other crate we’ve given him (he has separation anxiety from his previous owners). We bought this crate and it works great. My dog ​​can’t get out and he LOVES getting in. Definitely the best crate.” that I could have expected for my dog.”

Ruff Maxx Large Kennel

Petmate Ruff Maxx kennel

Made from strong plastic, this popular kennel is designed for dogs weighing between 70 and 90 pounds.

Available in different sizes, this box is made of tubular steel covered with a soft polyester fabric. It’s easy to clean and as lightweight as any large breed crate you can find. This box is a great option for travel!

helpful review:: “I bought this cage for makeshift cages and for dog shows. The box is light and can be stowed away very easily and well. I love the extra storage space and the three doors. Lots of mesh for breathability. One of the more expensive options but I would buy it again. My 60 lb flat haired retriever fits the 36 inch size perfectly.

3-door folding soft-body

3-door folding soft-body

Ideal for use on the go, this soft box is as light as you’re likely to find for large dogs.

Made of heavy-duty 22-gauge steel, this large dog crate features casters for easy movement and brakes to keep it in place. Dual latches and removable bottom tray are easy to secure and easy to clean. This large dog crate is heavy and may require two people to assemble.

helpful review: “Our dog was very scared and destroyed everything and everyone in the house. We tried a regular cage with wires and she escaped in less than a minute. Our little escape artist! We were so excited when we got home to find the house destroyed. Luckily it was a life saver. She doesn’t even try to get out. She goes there alone and when we get home she goes to bed. Worth every penny and I can only recommend it!”

Frisco Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Frisco Heavy Duty Dog Crate

This sturdy dog ​​crate is double locking and has a set of wheels for easy manoeuvrability.

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Large dog crates don’t have to be easy! With this dog box from Merry Products you get a functional dog place and a beautiful side table in one. The body is made of solid mahogany and steel panels. The bottom of the plastic tray can also be removed for easy cleaning. Do you need to bring the travel box? Just remove the wooden panels and it becomes a portable box to carry around.

helpful review: “The box is so great! I love the side door and the wood is so pretty! It took two people to assemble, but with the instructions it was easy and straightforward. Love. What is great is that the wood and the box can be separated and used separately. I travel quite a bit and could use a box at home and on the go! A great purchase that was 100% worth it!”

Dog kennel made of mahogany

Dog kennel made of mahogany

This box doubles as a beautiful side table and features mahogany paneling over steel wire.

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