The Best 84 Cute Cat Names with Popularity Rankings

When it comes time to name your new cat or kitten, why not choose a name as cute as they are? At we love to talk about pet names, so we searched our huge database of cat nicknames to find the cutest one. To shake things up, we took inspiration from current trends to create a list of cute cat names that your new cat’s name could be on.

The things we love about our cats can inspire us, whether you choose Cricket for a feisty kitty or Daffodil for a calm, adult feline. Here are the 63 cutest cat names from Rover’s database and more kitten names inspired by food, flowers and toys, along with our quirky take on current trends.

84 Most Popular Cute Cat Names

These cat names top our charts for popularity and cuteness. They are ranked under real cat names in order of popularity. Are you looking for the perfect male or female cat name? This list is a good place to start.

  1. Lion
  2. Beautiful
  3. Milo
  4. charlie
  5. kitten
  6. Lucy
  7. well
  8. simba
  9. James
  10. Loki
  11. chloe
  12. chloe
  13. pepper
  14. ventilation
  15. Cleo
  16. Cleo
  17. Lola
  18. pasture
  19. daisy
  20. Olli
  21. Sofia
  22. sale
  23. tiger
  24. binx
  25. pumpkin
  26. coconut
  27. penny
  28. groom
  29. Oscar
  30. Tobi
  31. pink
  32. Frank
  33. boo
  34. tiger
  35. Luis
  36. mochi
  37. midnight
  38. lulu
  39. Boots
  40. Boots
  41. Ginger
  42. infant
  43. infant
  44. piper
  45. mittens
  46. Gus
  47. apparatus
  48. princess
  49. peanut
  50. maggie
  51. Luck
  52. Rocky
  53. I sat
  54. Milli
  55. Wear
  56. hazelnut
  57. teddy bear
  58. ruby
  59. ash
  60. jax
  61. researcher
  62. minnie
  63. abbey
  64. abbey
  65. Sunny
  66. Precious
  67. marley
  68. marley
  69. Thor
  70. Frank
  71. Joey
  72. pulse
  73. pulse
  74. Emma
  75. Murphy
  76. Romeo
  77. Riley
  78. fatigue
  79. Baghira
  80. oliver
  81. be to
  82. Jackson
  83. Calvin
  84. clyde

More cute cat names

What cat wouldn’t want to be named after a princess’ sister like Pippa or a golden girl like Blanche? Or you can go retro and choose a name with a built-in theme song like Mr. Roboto. A keyword can also serve as a time capsule. “Remember the first time we saw Kiki’s delivery service and knew that one day we would name a cat Kiki?”

  1. kiki
  2. Frank
  3. Luck
  4. mittens
  5. Spongy
  6. tube / tube
  7. archie
  8. grasshopper
  9. Eleven
  10. air bubbles
  11. Sun
  12. dotty
  13. gus gus
  14. totoro
  15. White
  16. to pee

cute cat playing with a toy

Cute food-inspired cat names

You don’t have to be a foodie to choose a tasty name for your kitten. Be it sweet, salty, or spicy, food names are among the cutest cat names. We find inspiration at the farmers market, bakery and candy aisle.

  • marshmallow
  • Eleven
  • pickles
  • lemon
  • cracker
  • dummy
  • kitkat
  • fruitcake
  • peanut butter
  • turnip
  • meringue
  • paw paw
  • melon (or chat-aloup!)
  • Fluffer whip
  • pop cake
  • cupcakes
  • macaroon

cute flower cat names

A floral name is perfect for a vintage feel and a vivid reminder of spring. Whether it’s classic daisy or exotic protea, a floral name will brighten any day you share with your cat.

  • daisy
  • dahlia
  • daffodil
  • iris
  • Worries
  • shamrock
  • Poppy
  • spring
  • protea
  • thistle
  • apple blossom
  • magnolia
  • golden button
  • pink
  • tiger lily
  • fritillary
  • dragon snap
  • petunia

Cat names inspired by cute toys and games

How about giving your mischievous furry friend a name that evokes fun childhood memories? A nimble kitty named Hot Wheels will put a smile on your face! Or for a big, cuddly rescue cat, Puffalump could be the perfect match.

  • Monchichi
  • mood
  • hot tires
  • Beautiful
  • puffalum
  • Wear
  • Teddy Ruxpin
  • Gudetama
  • koopa
  • Luis
  • pushheen
  • Without teeth
  • sound
  • Tamagotchi
  • strong cider
  • koosh ball
  • Polly Pocket

Choose the best pretty name for your cat

Cute is in the eye of the beholder. While my sister thinks Trevor is the cutest name, she would prefer Dandelion or Snap Dragon. When you find a name that makes you smile and captures what is special about your cat, add it to your list.

You can always rely on the opinions of your friends and colleagues, so ask. Your cat may even be able to help you choose. Enter some name options and paste them along a string. Which name is thrown at the beginning?

Your cat’s name is a special expression of your personality and affection for your pet. So, go with your heart and above all… have fun!

Need a cat sitter?

Cats naturally seem to be more independent than dogs, but they also need attention, games, and treats when you’re not around. Your big cat deserves excellent care. You’ve found the best cat name, so now it’s time to find the perfect cat sitter for her.

Find your cat’s perfect companion right from your phone, then set off with pleasure.

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