The 8 Best Dog Food for Huskies for Health Bones and Shiny Coats

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With their thick fur, fluffy tail, and striking black and white coloring, Huskies are a sight to behold. These dogs are incredibly friendly, but they have destructive tendencies and high exercise needs that make them a challenge for inexperienced pet owners. A healthy diet is an essential part of raising a well-adjusted, high-energy pup, which is why we’ve compiled our top picks for the best dog food for huskies.

Your dog’s basic nutritional needs

Huskies are known for their fierce looks and endless energy. They inherited most of these traits from their ancient ancestors, the wolves.

Although domestic dogs like huskies are a far cry from their wild ancestors, their basic nutritional needs are quite similar. Dogs are not true carnivores like cats, but they do better on a meat-based diet with limited carbohydrates. Commercial dry foods and canned foods will work, but it’s important to pay close attention to nutritional content in order to make a wise decision.

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has established minimum requirements for key nutrients in dogs: a minimum of 22% protein for growth and reproduction in dogs (puppies and lactating bitches) and a minimum of 18% for adult dogs. For fat it is 8% and 5% respectively.

To meet these requirements, feed your husky a high-quality dog ​​food made from true, complete sources of these nutrients. Animal protein such as meat or poultry should be the focus, with a higher than average fat content to meet your husky’s calorie needs. The carbohydrate content of your dog’s diet should be limited.

Remember that AAFCO standards exist to encourage commercial pet food products to meet minimum nutritional requirements. However, you will likely agree that your husky deserves more than is necessary. Checking the AAFCO nutritional information on the label is a good way to weed out really bad dog food, but the statement itself is no guarantee of wholesale quality.

The truth about dog food is that there are no shortcuts to looking closely at the label. The best way to ensure the foods you are considering are high quality is to choose foods that contain animal protein as the first ingredient, are low in grains and flour, and avoid artificial flavors.

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Breed Specific Nutrition for Huskies

All dog breeds have the same basic nutritional needs, but there are some breed-specific factors to consider.

For example, huskies are prone to hypothyroidism, a condition in which the thyroid gland does not produce adequate amounts of thyroid hormone. This hormone regulates your dog’s metabolism, so dogs with hypothyroidism can gain weight even if they eat less. Dogs with an underactive thyroid do not always require special diets, but unexplained weight gain is cause for concern and a trip to the vet.

Another thing to consider is that the Husky was developed as a working breed. Sled dogs, like huskies, can burn up to 10,000 calories a day during exercise, but your husky probably won’t come close to this type of exercise. If your dog is very active or you are training them for dog sports, you may need to increase their food intake by 10% for every hour of hard work, but don’t worry about that too much unless your dog is starting out to decrease.

You also don’t have to worry about scheduled feedings to avoid overeating. Huskies are extremely efficient at burning calories and tend to only eat until they are full. Therefore, free feeding is an option.

Choosing the best dog food for huskies

When buying your Husky, you might consider a large breed dog food. Although some Huskies weigh as much as 60 pounds, many don’t exceed 50 pounds, which is usually the point at which a dog is considered a large breed.

Quality commercial dog food made from healthy ingredients is the best choice for your husky. Follow the feeding recommendations on the packaging based on your puppy’s age and weight, but be aware of their body condition. If your dog is gaining too much weight, you may need to switch from free feeding to scheduled meals. If your pup is losing weight, consider switching to a higher-calorie recipe.

Here are some general things to look for in a husky dog ​​food:

  • High-quality animal protein as the first ingredient (meat, chicken or fish)
  • Two animal protein sources in the first three ingredients
  • Moderate fat content (healthy animal sources like chicken fat or fish oil)
  • Limited digestible carbohydrates (eg, whole grains and low-starch vegetables)
  • No artificial additives such as synthetic colors, flavors or preservatives.

The better quality your husky’s food is, the better his body will be able to digest it and absorb the nutrients. Avoid recipes that contain a long list of synthetic nutrients; This usually indicates that the ingredients themselves are low in nutrients or that significant loss of nutrients has occurred during processing.

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The best dog food for huskies

Although Huskies are known for their high energy levels, they don’t tend to overeat like other breeds because their bodies are so good at burning calories. The quality of your dog’s diet is all the more important. Here are our top tips for healthy and nutritious dog food for huskies.

Orijen dry food bags for puppies

This high-protein puppy food is made with 85% animal-based ingredients and includes meat, offal, gristle and bones for a carnivore-friendly feast.

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Instincts dog food box

Perfect for raising husky puppies, this high protein recipe is made with real chicken as the first ingredient and topped with beef liver and fresh salmon.

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Bag of Nulo croquettes for puppies

Skip the transition from puppy food to adult food with this versatile recipe. Contains a limited number of ingredients and a single source of animal protein to optimize digestion and maximize nutrition.

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American Journey canned dog food

Packed with fresh chicken egg white and chicken liver, this canned food cooks up in a flavorful sauce. It also comes in beef flavor if your husky prefers red meat.

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Bag of Acana light blue and cream croquettes

Made in Kentucky with wild-caught, whole New England fish and locally sourced produce like peas, squash, and squash, this premium dog food is packed with protein and healthy whole ingredients.

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Nature's Logic Canine Lamb Feast

When it comes to healthy food for huskies, this 100% natural canned recipe is a great option. It contains fresh lamb as a key ingredient and uses dried fruits and vegetables as essential nutrients, eliminating the need for synthetic supplements.

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dog food bag

Designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of senior dogs, this recipe contains just nine simple ingredients designed to make your husky’s digestion easier and more efficient.

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Yellow and Red Wellness Dry Dog Food Bag

This recipe is designed to provide your Senior Husky with complete nutrition that supports three key aspects of health and wellness: digestive health, skin and coat health, and hip and joint health. Contains ingredients like flaxseed, glucosamine, and chondroitin, along with whole grains for healthy fiber.

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Huskies are curious, energetic, and hardworking dogs. The same traits that make them so lovable also make them challenging and sometimes a handful. As with all things in life, being a Husky parent is a balancing act, but choosing a healthy Husky dog ​​food can help you make the most of your time with your pup.

If you’re considering bringing a husky into your home, read our guide to husky breeds and puppies for everything you need to know before you decide.

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