The 14 Best Dog Hats and Dog Visors for the Sunbound Pup

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We all know how safe dogs are in hot weather, but don’t always remember to protect their eyes from the sun. Dogs’ eyes are very sensitive to light and dog hats provide much-needed protection in bright light and can also help maintain your dog’s vision over the long term. Besides, what’s cuter than a dog in a hat?

Read on to find out why some dogs should wear hats and how to choose the best helmet for your dog.

Why should my dog ​​wear a dog hat?

Consider the reasons your You can wear a hat: for sun protection, comfort and fashion. A baseball cap or dog visor offer the same benefits.

Here are some Reasons to put a hat on your dog:

  • Help them see better in bright light
  • Protect your eyes from bright light that can aggravate cataracts, pannus and photosensitivity.
  • Protects sensitive facial skin from harmful UV rays. Although dogs aren’t prone to the same sun damage that humans are, some fine-coated breeds need extra protection.
  • Last but not least, dogs in hats look super cute!

Bottom Line: Hats provide sun protection and can make your dog more comfortable on a sunny day. Of course, you could put a hat on your dog just for fun. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as your dog is comfortable in the clothing and doesn’t mind a strap around his chin.

The Best Dog Hats for Form and Function (and Fashion)

Of course, you can also make a hat for your dog yourself by attaching a rubber band or cord to a really big human helmet. But we like hats made specifically for dog heads because they stay in place and offer the best protection. Some are even made of UPF (UV Protection Factor) fabric or have cooling properties for those summer days outside.

As with any dog ​​clothing, it is important to properly measure your dog’s head to ensure a proper fit. You need to measure the top of your dog’s head between the ears and compare the measurement to the product dimensions. Some dog hats claim to be “one size fits all”, but if you want the brim to cover your pet’s eyes, it’s extra important that it fits snugly. Otherwise, the hat serves only as a small (and boring) accessory on your dog’s head and not as a functional sun protection.

You should also pay attention to how a dog hat stays in place. Most hats use an elastic cord around the dog’s chin to hold it in place, but some use Velcro on the back of the hat to create a snug fit.

Here are our picks for the best dog visors and hats available.

With a wide, shaded brim, this dog hat mirrors a human hat. But it’s designed specifically for dogs, with pierced ears and an elasticated rim to fit around your dog’s head. It’s made from lightweight nylon, which means a dog’s head stays cool, and the hat’s adjustable drawcord keeps it securely in place, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off all the time. .

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The triple threat of dog hats, the PupLid Trucker Hat offers sun protection, functional style and an enviable hipster factor. You can choose from a variety of patterns in three different colors. The hat is also easy for dogs to wear: the chin strap, rubber bands and sliding buckles can be individually adjusted.

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Your dog will look so cute on the beach with this bucket hat. With openings for the ears and an adjustable chin strap to keep it in place, this hat is Class A. The colorful canvas material is also lightweight and suitable for hot summer days.

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Sure it’s a novelty hat, but why not? Dogs want to have fun too! It’s cute, fun, and the brim can provide some much-needed sun protection. Available in two sizes, it doubles as a fun Halloween costume for your pet.

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Looking for a great dog hat for your large breed dog? This classic sporty style cap is suitable for Labradors and Golden Retrievers. With cooling mesh and a wide corduroy brim, it offers sporty fashion and sun protection. The adjustable buckle ensures a good fit.

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Do you have a small breed puppy that needs some shade? While not designed for large dogs, this drawstring straw hat offers fashion and function for smaller breeds like Chihuahuas and Yorkies. (For some fun, complete the look with this awesome Hawaiian shirt.)

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The clever K-9 “Kooling” hat features a wide brim, plus a foam pillow and terry cloth lining that doubles as a hot dog sweatband. Simply soak the hat in cold water before putting it on your dog’s head and it can help moderate their temperature. Each hat is handcrafted in the USA and comes in over 15 different style options including the classic red bandana pattern.

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Go doggy! This adorable cowboy hat isn’t as functional as the others on the list. But you have to admit, it’s really too cute! It has an elastic band with Velcro for easy on and off.

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Designed with small dogs in mind, this round canvas hat is highly breathable and functional as well as cute (dare we say stylish?). It comes in five different colors and features a cut-out on each side of the top to allow a dog’s ears to fit through.

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With a durable exterior and cotton canvas lining, this Pawaboo dog hat is a lightweight and comfortable option for dogs of all sizes. It’s available in sizes from small to extra large and in four vibrant color options. Plus, pet owners love that the non-stretch drawstring chin strap keeps the hat in place.

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Keep your pet celebrating Cinco de Mayo all summer long with this adorable Baja Ponchos dog hat. Perfect for small breed dogs, this straw hat features a festive multicolored brim and an adjustable elastic drawstring that fits comfortably under the dog’s chin.

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If your dog doesn’t like a strap around his chin, consider this dog sun hat that stays in place with a buckle and Velcro closure at the back. In addition, the hat offers UV protection and is made of UPF 50+ fabric that blocks 98% of harmful UV rays. It also comes in several sporty designs, including the green paradise tortoise.

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Keep your pooch cool and stylish with this ultra-lightweight mesh dog baseball cap. It is available in three sizes and the colors red or blue. It also features an adjustable buckle instead of an elastic cord to keep it in place.

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This pitch black canvas hat from Pet Life protects your dog’s eyes from the sun and offers protection from harmful UV rays. It also features an adjustable chin strap and generous ear openings to ensure a comfortable fit. This beanie is perfect for days at the beach or lake because it’s 100% waterproof!

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What if my dog ​​doesn’t wear a dog hat?

Let’s face it: some dogs don’t do well with headgear or hats. But don’t worry, there are many other ways to protect your dog’s eyes, ears and face from the sun.

Some dogs are more comfortable wearing sunglasses than a hat. You can also put sunscreen on sensitive parts of the dog, as long as it’s safe for the animals.

If your dog wears absolutely nothing on his head, keep him out of the sun indoors and use a portable umbrella when he spends time outside.

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