The 100 Most Popular Male and Female Cat Names

The 5 best names for female cats

Luna and Bella again lead the most popular cat names this year, taking first and second place respectively. Lily beat Lucy for third place, relegating Lucy to fourth place, and new to the top five this year is Nala in fifth place.

A cat playing with yarn on a pink and white background.  The best cat names of 2021 are Luna, Bella, Lily, Lucy and Nala.

Top 5 Male Cat Names

Oliver tops the list of most popular male cat names for another year, followed by Leo in second, Milo in third, and Charlie in fourth. New to the top 5 this year is Max in fifth place.

A cat on a green and white background.  The best cat names of 2021 are Oliver, Leo, Milo, Charlie and Max.

Cat names inspired by COVID are still popular in 2021

COVID-inspired cat names continued the trend in 2021, with the name Fauci up 443% and Covi up 43%. However, the names Rona and Covid are trending in cats. Of particular note are the cats named Vax and Dolly Parton.

A cat in a mask on a white background.

Cat names inspired by Olympics have won gold in 2021

Cat owners took inspiration from the Tokyo 2021 Olympics and named their cats accordingly. The three most popular cat names for Olympic athletes are Tom, Katie, and Simone.

Are tennis fans cats too? The cat’s name, Naomi, is up 54% this year. Cats named Tobin are up 68% in 2021 inspired by the bronze medal winning American Olympic soccer player.

A cat in a leotard jumps.

Covid and the Olympics aren’t the only inspiration for cat names this year

Cat names reflect the interests, passions, and personalities of pet owners from a variety of inspirations such as: B. the cartoons they saw as children or the travel destinations that people like to travel to.

American cat parents are motivated by travel destinations like France and Italy

With so much time at home during the pandemic and many postponing their international travel plans, internationally influenced cat names are becoming increasingly popular. France has to be on many travel bucket lists because Baguette (+343%), Voltaire (+43%), Caviar (+43%) and Dior (+12%) are trending cat names. While we’re sad to say there aren’t any new Prosciutto cat names this year, Pizza and Anchovy cat names are up 51% and 9%, respectively.

2021 also put cat names Eiffel, Parma and Prosecco on the map.

2021 has seen an increase in the amount of celebrity-inspired cat names

Korean boy band BTS took the country by storm with their catchy songs, great outfits and unbeatable performances. Pet owners are in! BTS-inspired cat names are up 74% this year. The most popular are V, Suga, Jin and Kim.

Aside from BTS, here are some other trends that stand out:

  • Cats named Yeezy have a 516% uptrend.
  • The cats named Doja and Doja Cat each have a 176% uptrend.
  • Taylor Swift is more popular with cats than dogs in 2021 with a 76% increase in the Taylor name.
  • Oprah’s name is up 76%.
  • Ellen is down 129%.
  • 2021 put cat names Suga, Octavia Butler, Miley Cyrus, Joko, J-Hope, Halsey, GaGa, Dua Lipa, and Aretha Franklin on the map for the first time.

The ever-popular food and drink cat names continue to dominate in 2021

Cat names are often inspired by pet owners’ favorite drinks, foods, and snacks, from watermelon to pork chops. Yes, Schnitzel is a particularly popular cat name this year.

Meaty vs. Plant-based Cat Names

In 2021, meat names for cats are even more trending than for dogs! Overall they were up 58%, with beef, pork chop, ham and brisket up 343%, 193%, 183% and 103%, respectively.

While meat undoubtedly serves as the number one inspiration for cat names, so-called “meatless” cat names are up 15% this year! The most popular plant names are Bean(s), Tofu and Almond.

And given the growing popularity of oat milk, it’s no surprise that cats named Oat are up 643% this year.

Move, cookie! Pear, watermelon and lychee take over

Unlike 2020’s cat names, Cupcake, Muffin, and Cookie are trending down this year. Instead, cat owners are inspired by their favorite fruits like pear (+643%), watermelon (+443%), lychee (+218%), plum (+168%) and pineapple (+100%). While these are the hottest and gaining traction, the following fruity names are the most popular by volume:

  • mango
  • kiwi
  • Number
  • coconut
  • lemon

Wake up and smell the coffee: the names of breakfast multiply

There are some serious breakfast lovers out there, and we’ve got some cat names to prove it. These are the most popular breakfast names this year:

  • mocha
  • Cinnamon (+8%)
  • Toast (+20%)
  • Coffee
  • Oego

Cats named Margarita and Gimlet? they were in

Some drink-inspired cat names are trending in 2021, with Margarita (+276%), Gimlet (+143%), Vodka (+143%), Pepsi (+88%) and Scotch (+76%) leading the way. Path. On the other hand, cat names such as Cappuccino, Whiskey, Tequila, Pino, Cola, Vino and Chardonnay tend downwards.

Grab some popcorn: These names are fun

From Marvel to Bridgerton, movies, TV shows, and music are often one of the biggest motivations behind new cat names. Some are nostalgic, characters people grew up with, while others are new to 2021.

Names of TV Characters We Watch

Bridgeton: The Netflix TV show is coming in late 2020 Bridgeton brought viewers to a place of glamor when they needed it most. Cat lovers are fans too, and if their cat names tell us anything, it’s that they’ve always rooted for Duke and Daphne.

Cats named Duke tend to gain 30% weight and Daphne 22%. There’s even a cat named Lady Whistledown!

money theft (paper house): This action-packed Netflix hit has taken the world by storm, and we’re also seeing this trend taking cat names. Arturo (+343%), Tokyo (+293%), Salvador (+243%), Professor (+73%), Berlin (+63%) and Rio (+58%) are all at the top this year. Monica, Denver, Nairobi and Raquel have a downtrend.

The iron throne: 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the first episode of Game of Thrones.

The most popular GOT cat names are:

  • arya
  • snow
  • sansa
  • Rigid
  • Continue
  • cersei
  • daenerys

Get realistic with reality TV-inspired cat names

survivor: Will the Decade series be reborn? Some would say so. acquaintance survivor-inspired cat names are:

  • ozzy
  • tonic
  • Yes
  • Trainer
  • Steal
  • Parvati
  • sandra

Cat owners are here the island of love. The most popular names for the island of love– Cats inspired are Chloe, Ollie and Sophie.

Cat parents especially appreciated those The real housewives of the Potomac. The most popular names are:

  • Katie
  • wendy
  • Robine
  • Monica

Sorry Gizelle! Maybe 2022 will be your year.

Movies inspired by creative cat names this year

Studio Ghibli, the Japanese animation studio best known for its feature films Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Y Caught as if by magic, is an inspiration for cat names in the United States this year. The most popular are Kiki, Jiji and Totoro.

Other names inspired by the big screen:

Homage to Chadwick Boseman: Cats named Chadwick are up 403% and for the first time in 2021 cats named Boseman appeared on the list.

The Marvel Universe: Black Widow-inspired cat names in 2021 increased by 161% with cats named Natasha while Alexei appeared on the list for the first time.

Nostalgic Disney: Cats named Disney are up 943% this year, Ratatouille up 443%, Raya up 427% and Goofy up 377%.

These dogs are ready to take off

2021 was a big year for all things space, including cat names. The most popular space-inspired cat names in the United States are Saturn (+159%), Star (+66%), Jupiter (+16%), and Pluto (+5%).

Cats named Elon are up 343% this year.

TLDR: There are now cats called Bitcoin

For the first time we saw Bitcoin appear on our list of cat names.

Aside from Bitcoin, tech-driven cat names are trending down in general. Siri (-80%), Wi-Fi (-124%), Google (-124%) and Mac (-47%) are all down.

Polls show that political cat names are floating around

Kamala and Harris cat names increased 543% and 383%, respectively. 2021 also put the cat name Biden on the map.

The coincidence between football fans and cat lovers

Sports names are often dog-dominated, but this year, cat parents showed their love for soccer with names like Gronk. Former New England Patriot Gronk is the most popular name in football (up 276% this year).

Honorable mention goes to cats named CeeDee (up 42%) after the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver.

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