The 10 Best Dog Food Containers That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Are you looking for a good storage solution to manage your dog’s food? With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the best dog food container for you and your pet.

You may want something airtight to make the most of the long shelf life of your kibble. Or maybe you have a resourceful pet who always finds that roll-top bag of dog food and turns it into an easily accessible all-you-can-eat buffet. Whether you’re just looking for a nice jar of treats or something small and portable to take with you on the go, every pet owner needs a food storage system that works for them.

Whatever your unique situation, there’s a dog food container that’s perfect for your needs.

In this product guide, we’ve rounded up a variety of great containment options, from small and sleek to powerful and indestructible, with all sorts of great features, including some you didn’t even know you needed. Dog-proof, stackable, high capacity, travel-size, versatile, castable, design-conscious, on wheels… it’s all there.

The best dog food containers

This large capacity dog ​​food container is the perfect combination of style and function. The BPA-free plastic bucket liner holds up to 35 liters of dog food and the lid is sealed to preserve freshness. The elegant chrome design also fits perfectly into any kitchen.

Other great features include a magnetically attached shovel, wheels for easy maneuvering, and a locking handle to keep curious pups away. Be sure to pack an extra tablespoon of food if you go for the larger option, as it takes a long time to come down for dinner when the kibble runs out.

Available in sizes Medium (25 liters), Large (30) and Extra Large (35).

SimpleHuman dog food storage box

SimpleHuman dog food storage box

This stylish food storage comes in a range of sizes and features a magnetically attached scoop and lock to keep curious dogs away.

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If you need something to store a smaller amount of your dog’s food, are looking for something for the counter, or just want a cute farmhouse style box to store your pet’s treats, this is the bin for you.

This storage container is more than just a pretty tin. It features a rubber-sealed lid to keep things fresh and secure, convenient handles, and a matching serving spoon that fits snugly onto a handle.

Storage box for treats and food for dogs Morezi

Storage box for dog treats and food.

For a good counter sized container of dog food, look no further than this farmhouse style container.

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This sturdy dog ​​food storage tower packs a punch, with two bins each holding 8 pounds of dry food. Alternatively, you can mix it with food at the bottom and treats, food, bowls and accessories at the top. Hooks are included to hang your dog’s accessories and a spoon for food. Speaking of one-stop shop!

Richell Pet Stuff Dog Food Storage Tower

Pet Stuff Dog Food Storage Tower

You can store two different types of food in this sturdy storage box, and each compartment can hold up to 8 pounds.

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This simple, high-quality storage container is made from BPA-free plastic, so no harmful chemicals get into your dog’s dry food. This classic airtight pet food container is extra handy with built in wheels for portability. Simply pour a 20 pound bag of dog food into this 33 liter bin and you’re good to go. Available in four sizes.

IRIS Airtight container for pet food

Airtight container for pet food

Made from BPA-free plastic, this clear food storage container is airtight and has wheels for portability.

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What if you and your dog go on a trip? This airtight, portable dog food container keeps the bad stuff out and about six cups of the good stuff, enough for a few days away from home. Other features: a carrying handle and two 3-cup bowls for food or water. These high quality canisters are made in the USA.

Gamma2 Portable Travel Storage Case

portable storage case for travel

This airtight travel container keeps groceries fresh on the go and holds up to six cups at a time.

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This is a really sturdy container that can hold 40 pounds of dry food. Made from strong, BPA-free, food-grade plastic and with a specially designed screw-top lid, it’s leak-proof, unbreakable and really needs opposing thumbs to get in there. We’re talking Fort Knox for your dog’s food.

The Vittles Vault is a stackable, airtight dog food storage container which means you can stack even more food vertically, ideal if you have more than one large dog or don’t plan to shop often, and an ideal solution for curious pets. or storage situations where pests are a problem.

Available in 40 and 60 liters.

Vittles Vault Stackable Pet Food Container

This heavy-duty pet food container can hold up to 40 pounds of food and is leak-proof, unbreakable and nearly impossible for a dog to throw out.

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With rolling wheels, snap closures and two compartments, this dynamic wheeled dog food bin is ready to meet all your storage needs. You can use the larger 33 liter container for dry food (capacity approximately 25 pounds of food) and the smaller 12 liter container for canned food, cat food, snacks, medication or supplements.

Airtight pet food container set

This double storage bin includes two separate compartments to store all of your dog’s treats and food.

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Built by well-known farm supply brand Behrens, this food storage box is the real deal. And while it doesn’t offer the airtight seal of other brands, this galvanized steel dog food container is still extremely strong. It’s a big, beautiful, classic storage solution for anyone who needs a rodent and weather resistant container for a full 40 lb sack of groceries. Put it in the garage or on the porch and rest assured your pet’s kibble is safe. Pro tip: fold it like a stuff sack for easy regular cleaning.

Behrens storage box made of galvanized steel

Behrens storage box made of galvanized steel

This large, 40-pound steel storage container is weather and rodent resistant, making it a safer option for outdoor or garage storage.

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We haven’t forgotten small dogs. Sometimes your little pup doesn’t need a huge, heavy bag of food or a container to handle that much. This small, airtight, pour-out dog food container holds approximately 3.5 pounds of dry food and comes with a pour spout and measuring cup, making mealtime a breeze. Made from BPA-free, food-grade plastic, doubles as a pet travel container.

TIOVERY Airtight Pet Food Container and Dispenser

Airtight container and dispenser for pet food

Ideal for small dogs or as a travel container, this 3.5 pound storage container comes with its own measuring cup to make dispensing the right amount of food easy.

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If space is an issue or you need to know how much food you need so you know when it’s time to buy more, this clever two-in-one dog food container and feeder is a great option. The lid of this clever storage unit doubles as a feeding and watering point for your pet, and the bowl underneath holds the kibble. An added health feature: Elevated feeders like this one reduce the neck strain that occurs when bending over to eat.

Available in small, medium and large sizes.

IRIS high feeder with airtight storage

Raised feeder with airtight storage

This space-saving storage container doubles as an elevated food and water bowl for your pet.

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