Tesla Model Y review


As it is inside?

It will look very familiar if you’ve ever looked inside a Tesla Model 3. It’s all on the 15-inch touchscreen.

There’s no gear or range reading log in front of the driver, no gear selector in the middle, it’s behind the steering wheel (a weird piece of ergonomic planning), and only two clickable wheels on the steering wheel itself, which we must take into account. it’s round, because the Y came before Tesla put that weird yoke on the Model S Plaid.

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So is it too technical for its own good?

The same verdict applies here as the other Teslas. We still prefer a physical switch, because it’s easier to use without taking your eyes off the road, and you shouldn’t take your eyes off the road, because no car, not even a Tesla, can drive safely in all conditions. But if you must have a touch screen, this is the best in class. Fast, clean and well organized.

Tell me about practicality…

Tesla said when it revealed the Model Y that it was going to sell one with seven seats, but right now an official statement from Tesla headquarters that came with that car says “we don’t have a timeline for that.” settings at this time’. .

So it’s five super soft US-spec seats (trimmed in black or white vegan leather), but despite the sloping roofline there’s plenty of room for adults in the rear, the glass roof makes things are aerated and Tesla insists that the dye blocks infrared and ultraviolet light.

It’s got four USB chargers inside, plenty of storage, and the usual Tesla party trick of a boot on the back and a boot on the nose. But having such a large tailgate makes this Y much easier to load than the lower Model 3. The hidden storage under the trunk floor is huge: it’s actually five adults and their entire luggage machine. Total storage space is estimated at 854 litres, plus 117 liters in the front boot (front boot = froot) and over 2,158 liters with the rear seats folded down – best-in-class figures that put the likes of the VW ID to shame. Four. Apparently the Model Y can also tow up to 1600kg, if you specify the optional tow bar which, for some reason, is only available for purchase after delivery at the moment.

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But there are errors inside, in the details. All five seats are heated, but there are no controls for the rear seats, so you have to ask someone in the front seat to activate them on the touchscreen for you. The same goes for the rear air conditioning. Dive into the screen to adjust the mirrors when parking is inconvenient.

Rear visibility through the slanted rear window is abysmal, there’s no rear wiper, it’s impossible to see the windscreen on the hood, and the front trunk is covered in hard plastic, which will age as gracefully as the actual range of a Nissan Leaf.

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Tesla Model Y 2022  AutoReviewTesla Model Y 2022  AutoReviewTesla Model Y 2022  AutoReview

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