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at the beginning of themePeople you meet will tell you how nice it would be to have one surf table. One allows you to travel faster, encounter Water-type Temtem, and gain access to new locations in the Airborne Archipelago. However, until you have your own surfboard, you have to do a little work.

This guide will tell you about the main quest objectives that you need to complete before getting yours surf table.

Freedom for Sofia!

the First steps The main quest starts as soon as you start theme. He will guide you through Brical de Mar and to from your departure in Zadar Paris Meet the dojo master Sofia. When you arrive at Sophia’s dojo, she is not there. You must travel further north gifted bridges to find it


Location of the wind fort.
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go to strong in the wind, where you will find Sophia trapped in a cell. On your way through the fortress, it’s good to have both Natural and Electric type Temtem like Swali or Ganki on your team. Defeat at the top Miss Lotte to get the key to Sophia’s cell.

Free her and she will return to her dojo in Arissola.

Challenge Sofia!


Location of Sophia’s Dojo in Arissola.
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Back in Arissola go to the Dojo to train with Sophia who is back now. You must fight your way through the tamer apprentices before her. Again, Natural and Electric types work very well for combat.

If you defeat Sophia, she will reward you with a surf table.

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