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be a tamer theme must not be alone. You can team up with your friends (or strangers, if you can convince them) in co-op to explore, battle, and trade.

In this guide we will explain how theme Multiplayer works, from finding friends to trading Temtem.

find your friends

Tap on your menu fourth column – the one with two people as a symbol.

The first icon reciprocity, allows you to see other players in your area. This appears to be limited to players who are physically close to you in-game. If you want to make new friends, this is where you should start.

The third icon friends, here you will search for your friends’ names. Just enter your in-game name on the TamerSearchand they appear in the list.


Once you find another player, you have the option to fight, trade, or play cooperatively.
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Once you’ve selected someone, either from the Interact list or via a search, click on their name to bring up another menu for multiplayer options. The icon on the bottom right that looks like a plus sign and a meeple pen will add you as friends. A request will appear on your screen notification Menu. Once they accept, they will appear on your friends list.

play cooperatively

To start a cooperative session, you must be near your friend in-game. You will see an error saying your friend is not close enough when you’re too far away

From our experience we had to be within the same building before a session is successful. They don’t need to be able to see each other, they can be in different instances of the game, but they must be in the same place.

If you’re still having connection issues, make sure you do this None of you are on the menus you don’t even talk for everyone in the game. The menus and dialogs seem to prevent co-op sessions from starting and give you an error that your friend is occupied


You must be physically close in-game, even within the same building, to start a co-op party.
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Once logged in, you will be locked into the lower level character’s story and exploration options. This is a great way to help a low-level friend since enemies don’t level up.

During battles, you’re limited to the first three Temtem on your team. Each player can use items on each of the six Temtem involved in a battle: their three and their partner’s three.

You do not have access to your partner’s equipment outside of battles.


For strangers like friends, click this Exchange sends a request to that person’s notifications. If they accept, you will be taken to a commercial menu.


If both players want to trade, trade Pansuns, Temtem, and items.
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Choose any Temtem from your team or TemDeck, items, or Pansuns to gift. You will do the same. If you’re feeling generous, feel free to donate things like we did in the image above.

If you’re ready to complete the exchange, contradictory Click Not Ready to switch to Ready. Once both players are ready, the trade takes place.

Use Trade during cooperative play to give your teammate items as a revive.

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