Temtem guide: Level up your Temtem faster with the Coward’s Cloak

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Collect wild creatures theme Complete your battle team with new battle types and techniques. But the wild Temtem you choose probably won’t be anywhere near your team’s level.

This guide will help you find it Cloak of the Cowardan item that will level up and evolve your Temtem faster.

dangerous archaeology

After challenging Sophia in her dojo in Arissola, you will get one surf table. Back to strong in the wind in the North. Go to the bottom level where you found Sophia in the cells and follow the water to the right (east) with your new surfboard.


Go to the Distressed Archaeologist in the southeast of the map above, and then to the dig site in the middle of the spiral to the northwest.
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Go through the River Silaro right (have an Electric Temtem or two for untamed encounters). When you get to the beach, talk to the people hanging around nearby.

After a short conversation, you have to fight it archaeologist in trouble and you Attendees – You have a siapata sakua nesslaand a seesaw. All of her Temtem are level 19. (Electric Temtem are good against most of them, but you’ll need some Ground or Crystal types to deal with Nessla quickly. We have a guide that lists all types with their strengths and weaknesses, to help you choose.)

Once they are defeated, collect them dangerous archaeology secondary mission. Go left (west), go back through Fort Windward and exit on the other side. Nearby, the river meanders towards the archaeological site.

Follow the spiral and fight it. Belsoto Members you meet along the way. (Keep these electrical types handy.)


Fight any Belsoto members you find in the spiral until you can claim your reward.
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Once you’ve defeated the last of them in the middle of the spiral, open the crate to collect those Cloak of the Coward.

How to use the Coward’s Cloak

The easiest way to level up your Temtem is to simply use it in battles. They gain XP as they battle and level up over time. the Cloak of the CowardHowever, it allows Temtem to gain XP even when not fighting.


Equip the Coward’s Mantle on the Temtem you want to level up without fighting.
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go to your Backpacklet’s go to gearSelect the cloak, then choose which Temtem on your team you want to wear it.

As long as they are on your team, this Temtem gains XP from every battle. This means you can use your strongest Temtem to take on tougher enemies for more XP. The caped Temtem will share the rewards without taking any risks.

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