Team Fortress 2 guide for Oculus Rift recommends easing your way in


What now team strength 2 compatible with Oculus Rift, you might be tempted to jump right in with the headset in front of your face, but the Oculus Rift user guide on the official games wiki recommends a more step-by-step approach.

Enabling Rift support team strength 2 It takes a little while, but it’s relatively simple: you need to add “-vr” to the command line startup options and enable the developer console. The wiki also recommends calibrating pupillary distance, the distance between the pupils of your eyes, for the best experience.

You may need to limit the length of your first gaming sessions team strength 2 with the Rift, according to the wiki, because “[virtual reality] It’s amazing and immersive, but it can’t fool your senses all the time.” The wiki advises users to play for just 10 minutes at a time until they get their “virtual reality legs,” and suggests playing with slower characters like Heavy or Medic to start with, as the faster classes “can produce particularly intense VR experiences” and vertigo.

Valve announced Rift support in team strength 2 earlier this week.

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