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sure, street fighter 5 It’s not a series of bare-knuckle fighting games like Virtua Fighter or Tekken (although Tekken has lasers and missile attacks these days). He’s known for his flashy special moves that define our playstyle. There are so many, but we will discuss the main categories that apply to many fighters.

(In this section there is an appendix on how to perform these moves and tests in general, but in this section we only cover a few important special moves.)


Sure, video game characters used to spit flames, but Hadoken laid down some ground rules and a game of sorts emerged.


the legendary Hadouken

Ryu can attack from long range with the Hadok, with a tradeoff: he has to stay in place for a while.

Punish a Hadouken

This means that having a nearby Hadoken is not a good idea: the other player can anticipate it, jumping on you and seriously injuring you.

Diego and a Hadouken

Instead, put a greater distance between you and your enemy. Combine your timing and different movement speeds to aim safely from a distance and annoy your opponent. In this clip, Ryu just keeps throwing fast fireballs until Laura jumps from the wrong angle and gets punished.

Catching with a Shoryuken

Eventually your opponent will want to lunge at you, at which point you’ll hopefully have recovered from your Hadoken throw and can counterattack.

So does Ken, but his recovery is taking a lot longer, so it’s not really the game he wants to play. Ken really shouldn’t use fireballs at close range, especially on his big combos.


Dealing with fireballs, as with many things in street fighter 5, patiently. Block, and if it looks like your opponent wants you to jump on them, jump up. Frustrating them by refusing to play along will provide an opportunity, especially if they become too predictable in the process. If you let them frustrate you and jump carelessly, you’ve already lost yourself… and, more embarrassingly, yourself.


The Hadoken may be the cultural icon, but this movement defines the game and is so important that the premier fighting game community website and largest tournament organization, Shoryuken, is named after it.

Why is this particular movement so revered? Shoryuken is the main guessing game in Street Fighter.

The legendary Shoryuken

This is an almost invincible attack: you cannot (usually) be hit by a Shoryuken. However, the downside is that once you land, you are completely vulnerable to attacks. It’s fine if you manage to hit, but if the opponent saw the Shoryuken coming and blocked, you’re in big trouble.

Zangief punishes a Shoryuken

As this video demonstrates, this game’s smash meter system makes Shoryuken a very risky maneuver as it effectively guarantees a high damage combo for the player who defends properly.

Most characters have some sort of invincible attack, but this varies by character. As of Season 2, all invincible moves are EX Special Moves that cost one meter (more on that in a bit). Some characters, like Birdie and Bison, need to use their most powerful and expensive abilities (Critical Arts) to perform a truly invincible attack. Whether or not your character has an invincible attack is an important consideration. This determines how easy it is for them to get off the hook.


Zangief rotary hammer

Originally the Spinning Hammer, it’s the essential special throw and cornerstone for fighters like Zangief, Birdie, and Laura. Obviously it does a lot more damage than a normal spell, but why else would you use it?

Something that’s often overlooked about Zangief, but central to his character, is how far the vis staker goes. This is far beyond the range anyone else in the game can cast. At max range it might look like a glitch or magic, but that’s what it’s supposed to be. The Light Punch version (used here) goes further but does less damage. The other two deal more damage at a shorter range. When in doubt, use the light.

The trick for fighters is that once inside, they have the ability to throw scare the other player, even from a distance. Your opponent will jump to escape, and if you see a jump coming, that’s also an opportunity to punish you. Fighters are often equipped with powerful anti-air moves like Zangief’s Airborne SPD, Birdies Chains, or Laura’s Jumping Elbow. That’s why these movements exist.

  1. introduction
  2. What am I trying to do in this game?
  3. The controls
  4. basic movement
  5. basic attacks
  6. push game
  7. reversals
  8. special moves
  9. control and application
  10. combinations
  11. counters and overwrite counters
  12. Critical Metrics and Critical Art
  13. V system
  14. tranquilizer knife
  15. Deals damage and combos
  16. character selection
  17. Advanced Techniques
  18. good buttons
  19. What’s different about Street fighter 5 season 2?
  20. This is just the beginning
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