Star Wars: Squadrons guide – Mission 5: The Trail from Desevro tips and walkthrough


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In this war of stars: Squads We will help you with the implementation of the tutorial with tips and tricks Mission 5: Trace of Desevro.

polygon Star Wars: Squads Guides and tutorials help you navigate a dozen missions in a galaxy far, far away. For Mission 5, we’ll help you learn how to pilot a TIE Reaper and show you the best way to use the Tormentor’s missiles.

We didn’t want our guides to become narrative novels, so we skipped unnecessary tips like “Follow the team leader.” Instead everyone squads The tutorial begins with general tips for the mission, followed by specific strategies for difficult sections and objectives. We close with tips on how to earn mission medals.

Mission 5: Desevro Road Tour

Titan Squad is on a mission to track down a group of New Republic engineers.

Mission 5 tips

  • The TIE Reaper is your next new ship to learn. It flies a lot more like an X-wing than a TIE fighter. And he has shields.
  • You play more of a support role in this mission, and your weapons reflect that. They have no missiles and their lasers have been replaced with an ion cannon that disrupts electrical systems. That means you can turn off shields and disable ships, but you can’t destroy them. Use Squad Orders to ensure your teammates achieve their goal.

Objective: Destroy the Tormentor’s missiles

There’s not much space between the Tormentor ships and the New Republic ships, so you’ll have to be quick here. And in addition to the missiles, both ships will fire at each other and you, so you have to keep moving forward.

  • Try to stay out of the crossfire between the two ships whenever you can.
  • The missiles only need one hit from your ion cannon to disable them, so you can do it Maximize shield strength Ignore the hits you get from both sides, or Maximize engine performance to stay nimble.
  • Watch your speed. The missiles are fast, but if you move too fast you’ll end up on both sides of the fight and get shot at. a lot of.
  • Also, don’t try to reduce your speed to zero. In fact, you have more maneuverability when moving than when stationary.
  • Use cycle goals Choose the closest missile to hit, but also monitor it without aiming. Cycle Targets selects suitable targets, but may miss missiles that have sneaked past you. Since they only need one hit to disable them, you can usually take them out without aiming at them. Just watch for your target’s crosshairs to turn red.

If you manage to eliminate all missiles before they hit the New Republic ships, you will win Shooting Medal. However, this requires a lot of practice. For your first few runs of this mission, just focus on staying alive and getting something.

Objective: accompany shuttles to transport.

This mission consists of two parts in which you will escort the shuttle Lambda from the Overseer to the New Republic ships and back. They fly excruciatingly slowly. Follow them from afar. Close them one by one and hit them with yours tactical shields (these act like rockets, but for defense).

While waiting for your missiles to reload (watch out for the button on your console to turn blue again), target and use an unarmored shuttle Squad Orders Ask your teammates to defend it.

Focus on the ferries. If you have an easy shot at a New Republic fighter, go for it, but don’t go after it. Shuttles are too slow and vulnerable to be left alone.

Mission 5 medals

  • Mission accomplished. Mission 5 completed.
  • Efficiency Medal. Mission 5 completed in 14 minutes or less.
  • Permanent Service Medal. Completed Mission 5 without dying.
  • Scorer. Prevents a missile from damaging the GR-75.

    It can be a bit tricky, but one strategy that helps is to make sure you use those ping targets Command so your squad can launch rockets too. If one flies by before you can take it down, you can use ping targets and hope your team clears it for you.

  • Ionizer Disabled all GR-75 transports.

    When this objective comes up, it might be a little far off, so make sure you redirect power to your engines and rev them up before they can go too far. Once you get to them, redirect power to their weapon systems and keep firing at each transport until a blue power icon appears over the ship. Once this icon appears, it means you have disabled it and can move on to the next one.

    Do not use the ping target system for this purpose. This causes your team to shell and destroy ships, causing you to instantly miss the target.

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