Star Wars Squadrons guide – Mission 3: Through Enemy Lines tips and walkthrough


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In this war of stars: Squads We will help you with the implementation of the tutorial with tips and tricks Mission 3: Through enemy lines.

polygon Star Wars: Squads Guides and tutorials help you navigate a dozen missions in a galaxy far, far away. For Mission 3, we’ll help you learn how to select a loadout, handle TIE bombers, and understand squad commands.

We didn’t want our guides to become narrative novels, so we skipped unnecessary tips like “Follow the team leader.” Instead everyone squads The tutorial begins with general tips for the mission, followed by specific strategies for difficult sections and objectives. We close with tips on how to earn mission medals.

Mission 3: Walk through enemy lines

Vanguard’s next mission is to escort the stolen Star Destroyer to a secret location.

Mission 3 tips

  • An A-Wing is much faster and more maneuverable than an X-Wing, but its hull and shields are weaker.
  • You can choose yours load. No start with what squads gives you by default, then repeat the mission with other loadouts to get more.
  • TIE bomber does a lot of damage to the Victorum if you ignore it for too long, so make it a priority. They also have missile countermeasures, so focus on using your lasers or whatever’s in the marked payload. Be silentAs the ArMek bombing missiles.
  • TIE bomber they are equal a lot of slower than your A-Wing. Watch your speed when attacking or you’ll overtake them. It also means you are free Maximizes weapon power (press the d-pad to turn on the red indicator) to drain the juice from your engines and add it to your weapons.
  • If the Lambda shuttles come on you will learn Squad Orders. Basically, you have three things to say to your teammates: attack that target (while targeting an enemy), defend that target (while targeting an ally), or call in supplies to cancel their orders.
  • Shuttles are relatively easy to take down, so use Squad Orders to break up the squad to take them down faster. Max out the Weapon Power again to get the extra firepower (and because you can easily steal the shuttles).

Goal: learn to slide Y Complete a drift turn

Between waves of Imperials, Keo will teach you (try) this. turn drift. She will walk you through the process, but it will take a few tries to figure out exactly what to do.

Your goal in a drift turn is basically to drift sideways in space. There are a few steps:

  1. Maximize engine performance.
  2. increase go as soon as possible.
  3. Turn (yaw) hard — all the way left or right. Body roll has nothing to do with drifting turns.
  4. Complete your boost right after you start spinning. To do this, slow down or click the left stick again on a controller. (This can be changed with the Options > Throttle setting to stop the gain.) We found it much easier to click than worry about adjusting the throttle.

It will probably take a few tries to narrow down the time. Just make sure you’re flying in the right direction through the waypoints too.

Optional: Destroy Imperial Raiders

As you wait for the Victorum to complete its (second round) hyperdrive repairs, another wave of Imperials will appear. When you complete this optional objective to get that Raider Destroyer Medal, make sure to use the squad commands to get all the help you can get. Raiders aren’t too fast or strong, but they are well armed and deal a lot of damage.

There are three raiders in total. One will only appear at the beginning, the other two will appear in a later wave.

Completing this optional objective will lengthen your mission and leave the Victorum less protected. You can’t complete it and you’ll get the efficiency Where not even close medals in the same race.

Mission 3 medals

  • Mission accomplished. Mission 3 completed.
  • Efficiency Medal. Mission 3 completed in 15 minutes or less.
  • Permanent Service Medal. Mission 3 completed without dying.
  • Not even close. The Victorum escaped with at least 30% hull integrity.

To check the Victorum’s health, aim at it and its health will appear on your screen. You can also target the Victorum and use your ping system for your squad to protect the ship.

  • Raider Destroyer. Destroyed all Imperial Raiders while escaping the Victorum.

In this mission you have the opportunity to change the loadout. For your primary lasers, choose the short-range lasers (the Gyrhil R/F Rapid Fire Cannon), which deal more damage. Note that they have a short range, which is great against slow Imperial Raiders.

If you want to do even more damage at the expense of repairing your ship, you can choose the ArMek Bombardment Rockets as your left support kit. These missiles fire directly and deal high damage. Simply hop on an Imperial Raider and rain it down with your short-range lasers while repeatedly firing the missiles you’ve loaded into the left and right auxiliary slots.

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