Star Wars: Squadrons guide: How to drift

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The third task of Star Wars: Squads, Through Enemy Lines, requires you to drift, a sophisticated mid-air trick. While your partner Keo explains the basics of the drift maneuver, you may not be able to pull it off on your first attempts.

In this war of stars: Squads drift guide we will show you exactly how to rotate this A-wing sideways.

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To perform the drift, the instructions are simple:

  1. Maximize engine performance Press left on the D-Pad on your controller or CTRL + 1 on your keyboard. Start this process as early as possible to build up as much boost as possible.
  2. increase Once you cross the first marker above the Star Destroyer, keep climbing towards the second marker.
  3. Turn hard (yaw) the moment you pass the second marker near the rear of the Star Destroyer.
  4. Stop the boost in the middle of the turn to start the drift. We’ve found that clicking the boost button again (rather than manually reducing) is the easiest way to consistently remove drift.

You’ll know you’ve probably drifted if your spacecraft turns sharply in the direction you turned and you still see the momentum lines along your windshield.

The biggest challenge with this trick is making sure you hit a button to stop the boost while still maintaining your spin (yaw). Depending on the control scheme used, this can be difficult or easier to achieve. If you’re not sure which control setting is right for you, check out ours Star Wars: Squads Command guide and keyboard shortcuts.

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