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While Nintendo has a reputation for creating experiences that are simple and easy to digest, it can throw us a curveball from time to time. come in Zero Star Foxwhich not only features really tough encounters, but also a new set of commands.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to adapt to the new GamePad-centric control scheme while retaining the ace flyer skills you’ve had since the Super Nintendo.

Don’t fight the controls

If you’re the kind of person who immediately goes to the options menu of a Nintendo 3DS or Wii U game to turn off spinning motion, you’re going to have a harder time getting used to it Zero Star Fox. But it’s not impossible to adapt, especially if you follow these tips.

For the most part, the Arwing is piloted traditionally. Sure, the GamePad shows a cockpit view, which can be great for precise aiming, but the trusted third-person controls work flawlessly. Press ZL to launch a pursuit mode that shows where a key enemy is on the TV and focuses more on gameplay on the GamePad. It’s actually a great way to spot bosses (especially the little Star Wolf Squad) if you accelerate quickly and then immediately switch back to traditional TV viewing. Even if you hate the idea of ​​the GamePad, hitting ZL every once in a while is a great tactic to remember.


There’s one other useful GamePad feature to note: clicking the right stick deploys a smart bomb, which is a lot more useful than messing around with the R key. Once you start acquiring other vehicles, things get even trickier.

Don’t hesitate to start over

If you see a gold ring, always go there, even if you are in full health. After acquiring three, you’ll get a suite that’s extremely useful for some of the more difficult stages, particularly the late-game boss fights. Please note that in Zero Star FoxIf you die without going through a stage (yes, even the final boss where the starting areas are very long) you will be forced to go back to the start.


So if you’re far away and your health is in the red, look for prominent areas and kill enemies for rings of all kinds. Gold is obviously best as it has a higher health boost and can add to your running tally.

If you die before a checkpoint even once, just restart the entire mission. There’s no point in wasting a follow-up because once you get to the boss, you’ll have one less turn to beat him. If you fail, go back to the beginning anyway. Build it into your muscle memory or you’re going to have a lot more mistakes.

Adapt to your vehicle



The first is the Walker, which you unlock in the Alpha Sector. Initially, you can only use it in certain areas, but eventually you’ll unlock the power to transform at will with the A key. Don’t underestimate this mechanic.

It’s very easy to overlook its usefulness, given that it’s basically a little robotic chicken, but it’s incredibly powerful in “all range” arenas (read: boss fights) due to the amount of control you have over it . Instead of the constantly moving Arwing, you can use the Walker to focus on enemy weak spots and other targets. Even if you’re in space, find a landing spot and at least try if you’re having trouble with a boss.

Gyrowing and Direct-i


Hacking with Robot Gyrowing and Direct-i can also be tedious at first, especially if you don’t understand where the dead zones are where an ability doesn’t work. When hacking, make sure you fully collide with a node before touching the screen. It’s weird, but moving slightly left or right or even past the node without touching it can result in an event where your hacking bot moves away from the area where your vehicle was attacking becomes. Fill the entire screen of your GamePad with the node, then tap firmly on it with the GamePad.

Use two main strategies to defeat enemies.


Keep in mind that charged shots and standard blasters are situational. The general rule of thumb is “if it’s bigger, take the charged train.” Practice this concept in the first step of Corneria. Check out the big red robots throwing pillars. You can destroy them with a single charge.

Alternatively, shoot down the smaller wingers flying through the air with a standard laser.

Applying these two philosophies together will increase your effectiveness and reduce unnecessary shots that result in unconfirmed kills. Get used to speeding up the attack button to switch between focused and charged shots on the fly. Bosses challenge this rule on certain points, which are discussed in a section below.

You’ll soon increase your score at the end of the level and even activate additional health or weapon bonuses to defeat certain enemies.

How to find secret and unlockable paths

Just like in previous Star Fox games, you can access new levels through hidden paths.



The first can be found in the early stage, Corneria, although you’ll need to return after acquiring the Walker Transformation upgrade in the Industry Beta. Once you’ve done that, look for the red button on the ground for the tunnel area that connects directly to the waterfall gorge, step on it and go to the huge doors on the right.

Industry Beta

In Sector Beta, the branch path will branch based on how quickly you defeat Star Wolf. Most beginners will take Titania’s easier route, but Fortuna hopes you can defeat her quicker.

After completing Titania once, you can go back to grab a portal near the end of the stage (it’s in the canyon area where Slippy says, “Oh, what a relief!”) Put your Landmaster in flight mode and walk towards it to start a scene

Unlock bonuses with amiibo

Using the Fox McCloud amiibo unlocks a Retro Super Nintendo Arwing costume, but using it on Corneria triggers new sound effects. After earning 70 medals, you can use the Fox and Falco amiibo without having the figures.

A tough boss dragging you down? here is help

mother on foot


This fight can be nerve wracking as it is probably the least obvious in the game. Sure, Mother Strider has pulsating red weak points, but after destroying a few of them it’s not really clear how to take him down.

It took us a few tries to figure it out, but Mother Strider’s legs actually match the knots above her brain. You’ll have to adjust your route or fly to a different part of your circular body to remove a specific leg attached to that central brain node.

After removing several knots, play it safe. Go inside and destroy them one by one, then immediately come back after taking a hit and power up to dodge their body slam attack.

Using the Landmaster to mark the legs and the Arwing to attack (and then escape) the Brain is the best way to get in close. If you’re constantly being hit by rolling flaming logs, ignore the rest of the enemies on the battlefield and stay in the sky throughout the battle.



This is another boss who telegraphed his weak spots. It’s very easy to overthink this fight, mainly because the front of Gigarella’s body looks so obvious. Although his hands seem like the right target, they aren’t. Start the fight by removing the gem from Gigarella’s chest, then instantly transform into a walker.

Run under Gigarella’s legs, turn around, and then shoot the X in her butt. You can keep attacking this target until it turns itself off forever.

As soon as the Gigarella telegraphs the movement, even remotely, slip it under her legs, rinse and repeat. Don’t even use the Arwing for this fight, except for collecting health rings when you need them. This is a minor mistake that only prolongs the game. As we wrote above, using Walker a lot can make or break some boss fights.

the floating fortress


In the form of a gigantic sea base, it’s another tough fight. The main device here is a pulsating dome of defensive power that periodically erupts from its core. Avoid the temptation to delete multiple nodes and be careful here. Target nodes that are close together, destroy up to two, then use the U-Turn ability and instantly boost.

It’s very easy to get caught in the blast, so pay more attention to the TV than the GamePad so you can see the pulse of The Floating Fortress. If you see it blink, stop what you are doing and turn around immediately. Even a single heartbeat can tire you out for the rest of the fight, so save your momentum for evasive maneuvers.



Andross can really wear you down, despite all the lifelines littering the arena. The key strategy to defeat Andross is to take it in stages. Get him into a new part of the fight as soon as possible, or you’ll be so low on health that you won’t be able to resist his subsequent attacks.

Look at the GamePad first and you’ll notice that the parts of the cylinder that houses Andross are a different color. Fly to one of these areas and turn into a stray.

While the weaknesses on his hands are obvious, how you approach him can drastically change the outcome of the fight. In short, don’t play it safe. All in his gloves. The smack attack is a godsend as you can sit there and shoot him with one of his hands until he’s stunned and gives up.

When Andross uses his one-handed snap, look up, smash your lasers, and constantly roll in one direction. They will move away from danger and still take advantage of it. At this stage, use the GamePad and press the attack button for maximum hits. Trying to dodge all of his attacks will only prolong the fight, so keep shooting.

Once a hand is destroyed, switch to the Arwing, exit the arena, then return after Andross launches his whistle attack. When you return, fly to the top of the cylinder that has the fewest lasers.

The last stage is either the easiest or the most difficult depending on how aggressive you are. He blocks Andross with the Walker and constantly blasts his mouth. Don’t stop moving, never, not for a second. He just walks around the arena, exploding his mouth with each of his attacks. Keep your bombs until the end. When his weak point is exposed, run behind his head, smash him with the attack button and click the right stick until you use up all your bombs. With a bit of luck, you can destroy everything at once without having to repeat the last phase.

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