Splatoon 2 guide: Sector 2 Suction-Cup Lookout collectibles

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Every sector and every level of Plato 2 has collectibles to find. 32 embedded scrolls will add pages to the game’s background story, and the 32 parts of sardine allows you to upgrade your weapons in Sheldon’s Enhancer. (There are 37 chunks of sardines in total, but you automatically get one every time you defeat a boss, so they’re not included here.) Almost all of them are hidden, or at least out of sight. But we’re here to guide you through finding each one, and we’ve added a few tickets as well.

Hub World collectibles

this sector sardine It’s in an orange box at the base of the tower where the Level 6 entrance door is.

As in Sector 1, you’ll need to shoot down a series of green balloons to find them parade. You can find the first one in the alley near level 7.

04 — Enter the Octohurler

When you get past your first pair of auto wipers at the start of the level, head past the launch pad to the second checkpoint. Drop onto the catwalk below you to find this level. sardine.

Later in the level you will fight against different ones Octo Howler ride on squeegees. This time the raclettes don’t come and go, but in a large clockwise loop. Climb onto one of the scratches, turn around and drop onto the small platform below the exit point. Break open the box for him parade.

05 — The Octo Park

Watch the area where you first learn to jump between the rails. You can jump between them to collect them power eggs, but make sure you are on the left side last. Jump up and climb onto the platform. Break open the box to find a ticket for Crusty Seans.

A little later, you’ll find another set of rails to jump between when Mary says, “Look out for new rails to hop on.” At the end you want to be on the far left again. Climb the raised part and then break the crate next to the tree for a few minutes sardine.

Towards the end of the level, mount a rail around some pillars octotroops above. Notice how it curves to a pillar on your left that has a crate on top. Get off the railing and break the crate for those parade.

06 — Octozeppelin invasion

One of the launch pads you’ll find in this level is right in front of you octoceppelin barrack. destroy one of them octozeppelins Once they exit the hangar, shoot the tentacle sticking out at the top, then go past the launch pad to find it sardine.

When you get to the rocket line area, look for a path on the right that will take you around the side of the first area. It looks like a dead end, but you can see an ink rail to aim for charger. Shoot him and then go back to the main path. As you approach the missiles, look to the left for the rail you just created. Mount it around and behind rocket launchers. the parade it’s on the ledge to your right. Just make sure you don’t break all the crates, you need one to get on the ledge.

07 — Cleaning up the alleys

In the area where you drive for the first time Squee GLook for the tower in the back right corner. There’s an orange crate at the top that you can break, but most of the time you’re here to get away from it Squee G. Drop down on the left side and follow the path to the left to find a crate with sardine Inside.

Later, you must collect a key to open a locked container. When you find the key, you’ll see an ink rail right in front of you, which you can use to return to the starting point. Time your jump carefully to reach the end of the railing and you’ll land right next to the crate with the parade.

08 — Rotating campsite

When you find the first vertical ink roller In this level you are right next to that sardine. Continue past the vertical irrelevantand drop onto the platform below.

Then observe the area with all six. ink roller. The room goes a little further to the left. Follow it to the end and drop down to the pillar on the bottom right of you. Break open the box for him parade.

09 — Octolating Strike

Before you start worrying about collectibles, clean up most of them Octolinos – there are many of them, and they make the treasure hunt difficult and dangerous.

From your launch platform, go left and go through the arena. Stay on the left wall until you find a splash the wall. Destroy the wall and you will find it parade right behind.

the sardine is near the octol Starting platform in the opposite corner of the arena where you start. Watch out for a bike leaning against a wall. Shoot ink at the left corner of the bike and a box will appear.

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