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Inside Spiderman: Miles MoralesMiles has a huge list of skills to learn throughout the game, and they’re nicely broken down into four categories: challenge skills, combat skills, poison skillsY stealth skills.

There are two methods to unlock your skills Miles Morales. The challenge skills require you to complete specific training missions around the world. Complete these quests as quickly as possible. Some of these skills are invaluable early in the game.

The second and most common method of acquiring skills is through skill points, which you spend on stealth, combat, and poison skills.

As you move up in miles you will receive a skill point – up to the maximum level of 20. There are 24 skills, and each one except the first one costs a single point. Does that mean you can’t max your trees? Not quite.

At the bottom of each tree is a New Game + ability that can only be accessed in your second game. New Game+ also increases your level cap to 30, allowing you to earn enough skill points to complete your tree.

Here’s a curated look at each of them Spiderman: Miles Morales Capabilities.

challenge skills

You can acquire these challenge skills by completing the spider training quests for Peter.


spin cycle. When throwing an enemy, quickly press the triangle during the throw to keep it spinning.

refund. After a perfect dodge against rifle and pistol shots, press the triangle for an instant takedown.

air police. Air attacks deal additional air damage and generate more poison.


Unique starting impulse. On Contact, press X when swiping a point to greatly increase the point’s launch distance

Quick recovery. After landing, press X while taxiing to fly back up

quick zipper. Zip Web with X a second time without losing altitude


Not silent. Enemies take longer to sneak up on you.

fear tactic. Stealth kills generate more poison

surprise attack. Upgrade Web-Strike Takedown to knock back nearby enemies

combat skills

These abilities improve your combos and give you new non-Venom moves.

siphon off energy. Increases the rate of bioelectric energy generation while attacking and dodging, increasing the amount in the poison bar.

Yankee web opportunist. Hold Triangle to perform a Venom Yank attack after knocking an enemy away from a melee combo or Venom attack.

spread the love. Venom stunned enemies hit against other enemies carry over their venom stun

in shock. Enemies stunned by Venom take 50% more damage from Basic Attacks

Trained technique. Allows stacking of a second finisher. Reduces the combo required for a second finisher to 10. Special enemies can be defeated with two finishers

gunslinger Hold triangle to fire and throw weapons enhanced with bioelectric energy. They explode on impact, stunning Venom and knocking back enemies.

last countdownFinishers generate 40% of a Venom bar

Let’s go! (New Game + Solo). Allows the accumulation of a third finisher

poison skills

These abilities give you new Venom abilities and increase the power of your existing attacks.

Poison Strike. Press L1 + Square + X to perform a Venom Smash, dealing damage to surrounding enemies and Venom Stunn.

Poison Leap. Press L1 + X to launch nearby enemies into the air, disarming them and stunning them with Venom.

Valve. Increases the range of Venom Punch’s splash damage, allowing Venom to stun more enemies on impact.

synaptic distribution. Doubles the time Venom stuns enemies.

Miles Smash! Increases the area of ​​effect of Venom Smash.

Venom Dash Launcher. Press X when you land on an enemy during Venom Dash to perform a free Venom Leap and knock enemies into the air.

poison rocket. Off-the-wall attacks inflict Venom Stun on hit. This can only happen once every five seconds.

Bioelectric Intrinsic (New Game+ only). Mega Venom Blast fires automatically and for free before a fatal blow. Can only occur once per combat encounter.

stealth skills

Stealth abilities affect your invisibility, giving you unique moves and boosting your actions while cloaked.

hidden presence. Stealth Energy charges 20% faster

measured response. Attacks while in stealth cost less stealth energy

never saw it coming. Venom Punch deals additional damage when used while stealthed

invisible blow. When defeating an enemy with poison attacks, the final hit does not cost stealth energy.

patient spider. Increases the maximum amount of stealth energy, allowing you to remain invisible for longer

flashing light. Press L3 + R3 while cloaked to fire a blinding bolt of light that reveals you and stuns enemies around you.

Web Cocoon Bomb. Press L1 + R1 to take down hidden enemies from behind stealth, causing them to smash into the ground and near enemies.

Invisible Force (New Game+ only). While cloaked, the combo counter is no longer reset and a bonus combo point is generated per attack.

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