Soulcalibur 6 guide: Reversal Edge


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Reversal Edge is the new system from 6 gauge core, so it deserves its own careful consideration. Press and hold B at the same time to start a reversal edge. Your character holds his sword for a moment and then attacks. During the rope animation, absorb enemy hits. This is an ideal move for catching players during long streaks of attacks.

The situation after Reversal Edge

When you hit your opponent with Reversal Edge, they have to deal with the following slow motion series. This is a stalemate or rock and scissors situation where both players press a button while time slows down. You can choose one of attack, movement or protect buttons.

One button attacks hit kicks.

B Button Attacks outperform A Button Attacks.

Kicks beat B button attacks.

Your move options are even more direct ways of guessing your opponent’s move. If you get it right, you will avoid the opponent’s attack and put him in a very vulnerable position. If you make a mistake, you will get hurt.

Stepping forward defeats A-button attacks and loses to other attacks.

A sidestep defeats B button attacks and loses to other attacks.

Knockback outperforms kicks and loses to other attacks.

Protecting a Reversal Edge attack means you won’t take any damage, but your cover will be so depleted that you could take a Guard Crush.

While the rules don’t change from there, each character also has unique attack chains during Reversal Edge that are worth checking out to get the most out of the movement.

Beat the investment lead

It’s a useful move, but it’s also very noticeable, and you’ll be penalized if you use it too often. It will take a wily fighter to successfully incorporate Reversal Edge into your game alongside your regular attacks.

The easiest way to defeat Reversal Edge is to stop and dodge. The rope animation is pretty slow and you have to react to it by stopping and dodging. This is a vertical bar and you can always dodge around it. After dodging counter. Your opponent will be wide open after this move, and most of the time you’ll be able to land a big deflecting punch.

Soul Calibur 6 guide

  • Basic controls, movement, running in eight directions and attacks.


  • Attack Types: High, Medium, and Low


  • Soul Gauge, Soul Charge, and Critical Advantage


  • Advanced Tips: Punishment, Advantage, and Combos


  • Avoid ringtones


  • Character types and recommendations


  • Final Remarks and Tips


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