Simple Winter Crafts for Toddlers

Do you have a smart toddler? When temperatures drop (and it even snows somewhere), we’ve put together a collection of winter crafts for toddlers.

Crafts for young children should be easy to make, take little time, and use large craft supplies that are easy for them to handle.

Winter crafts for toddlers

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Although most of these crafts are made with or by toddlers, remember that not all toddlers have the same level of skill (after all, toddlers are up to 3 years old), so adjust the DIY/s materials as needed.

Some of them were made with older children and you would have to substitute or exclude younger materials. Of course, every boat must be supervised (and helped if necessary).

Easy winter crafts for toddlers and preschoolers

Super easy winter crafts for toddlers

Snowman crafts with cotton balls for children

Cotton Ball Snowman Craft: Let them have fun with cotton balls. Simple and fun

Easy winter hat craft for kids

Winter Hat Craft – This is a great craft for the classroom.

Paper polar bear

Torn Paper Polar Bear – This one is great for fine motor skills.

Wonderful art idea for winter - finger painting winter tree - Perfect for preschoolers, kindergartens and older children

Winter Tree Fingerpainting – Bring out smart and artistic fingers.

Easy Cotton Ball Penguin Craft - Perfect for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten

Super Easy Penguin Craft – So fluffy and fun.Make snowman for kids

Snowman Craft Station: There’s glitter in this one, swap it out for bigger items and you’ve got a super creative winter craft for toddlers.

Hand Printed Polar Bear – Hand printed crafts are super fun!

Snowflake Ornament – I really like this one.

Create the winter wonderland together: Create and play with it together.

Snowflakes with toilet paper rolls: Happy recycling.

Packing Peanuts Art Snowman: Toddlers and preschoolers will love creating with peanuts (aren’t they? Magic Noodles are basically the same thing and they’re so much fun to create).

Salty Snowman – A great project for little kids.

Easy Snowflake Crafts: Magical snowflakes will appear to delight your little ones.

Cookie Cutter Painted Snowman – These are perfect winter crafts for little kids, they will love the creative process behind them.

Bubble Wrap Snowman – If you can resist popping bubble wrap, why not use it in a craft project?

Snowflake – such a fun project.

Q-Tip Painted Snowman – Great for fine motor skills.

Hole Punch Snowlakes – Punching holes with a hole punch is a lot of fun.

Building a snowman is another great activity for dental motor skills.

Winter crafts for toddlers

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