Simple Origami Owl – Origami for Kids

When you think of fall (and Halloween) one animal springs to mind! Owl! So let’s make one Super easy origami owl for kids!

We like easy origami for kids as it is so much fun for kids and beginners.


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Easy origami owl for kids

This is actually my own design and might not be the best origami project in the world for kids, but I was looking for an easy tutorial on how to make an origami owl and all the ones I found online were hard enough for a beginner close . Children. , it was time to be creative. I hope your kids like these!

What will you need:

  • origami paper
  • Googly Eyes <– those are the ones with eyelashes and I think they're too cute!
  • optional: glue, wavy scissors

Step by step instructions

Start by folding the square piece of origami paper diagonally. Load the paper as shown in the figure below (colored side down).


Start making the wings. Hold the paper as shown by the red dot and fold it in half; The crease is shown in the second picture above. Do the same with the other wing.

Now take the top part of the paper (denoted by the purple dot) and fold it down. You can line the top with wings (but that’s not a rule; your kids can play with it a bit as every owl looks different ;).

Now fold the same part up (as shown in pics 2 and 3 in the second row above).

Now let’s stand in line!


Submit your project. Now take the bottom part and fold it up. Fold well. Now fold it down and voila!

Flip your pop owl over two googly eyes and you have a cute origami owl looking at you! You can have it as is or put a little glue on a few pieces to “smooth” it out a bit.

More fun origami for kids

Did you like this project? You will love these easy origami foxes. If you want another super easy project that also encourages reading, why not make these adorable (but spooky) origami corner bookmarks?


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