Simple 3D Rainbow Paper Craft

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We love rainbows so we are so happy with the result of this easy rainbow paper craft! do you want to make yours Just follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll have one in no time!


Rainbow Paper Crafts

What do you need:

  • Rainbow construction paper + a sheet of white paper
  • cotton balls
  • scissors
  • the glue
  • scotch tape


Cut strips of colored paper, you will need 7 strips, one of each color if you want to make a real rainbow. Cut out two cloud shapes from white cardstock.

Glue the strips onto a cloud in the correct order: Glue them to the center of the cloud (color order is purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red or vice versa). Secure with tape. Glue the other cloud to the other end of the rainbow paper strips. Secure with tape.

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Fold the paper strips along the ribbon, this will make the rainbow easier later.

Apply glue liberally to the cloud (we used glue sticks, white school glue would work well too). Add cotton balls. Be sure to add the cotton balls to the height of the cloud under the rainbow as this will help it keep its domed shape.

Do the same with the second cloud.

The simple 3D paper rainbow is ready!


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