Shark Cootie Catcher – Origami for Kids

Did you play with it as a kid? We have much! But this Shark Lice Hunter is a little more incredible than your usual fortune teller.

Paper folding is an art and origami projects for kids are perfect for beginners!


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You can see the video tutorial

We believe that origami instructions are easier to follow when you watch videos. So we’ve put together a video showing you how to make these wild sea creatures.

Or check out the steps on how to make a shark lice catcher


First you need to print out our model for this cute little creature. Kids will love this one!

You can print it on regular printer paper or glossy paper (photo paper works pretty well with paper toys like this one).


After printing, cut out the square with the shark motif and the associated fins.

First, fold the square paper in half to make a crease.

Make sure the crease is clean: run a wooden stick across the crease. Neat, clean folds make this origami easy to fold. Unpacking.


Turn the paper over and fold it in half again. fold and unfold.


Turn the paper over so the white side is facing you (the design should be facing the table).

Fold all 4 corners to the center (see image below to see how your project should look like).


Turn the paper over again: the white side faces you again and the design faces the table.

Fold all 4 corners back to the center.

Make sure the creases are clean by running a craft stick over them.


Fold the square in half to get the long rectangle (the side with the teeth stays inside).


Put your fingers in the pockets (square pockets) and push the flaps up to open the lice catcher.

You may need to wiggle your fingers a bit to shape the shark lice catcher.


When you’ve fiercely folded your adorable shark, all you have to do is add the fins.

You can also glue the head and body together so that only the shark’s mouth opens.

Ready to fold yours? Scroll a little further to get your free template.


Get the printable template

Get the model here -> Shark Cootie Catcher



I was going to show you a tutorial on how to make these origami lice catchers, or fortune tellers as they are also known, but then I came across this awesome lion lice catcher and was inspired to create this shark version!

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Get the printable template

Get the model here -> Shark Cootie Catcher

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