Shadow of the Colossus guide: The 9th colossus

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Each of the 16 behemoths you fight the shadow of the colossus it is a mystery to be solved. You have to find out where it hides in the world. So you have to think about how to deal with it. And finally, you need to understand how to get there. magic seal weak points and kill him.

This guide will take you from shrine of worship defeat the ninth colossus. We also point out hermitages, lizards or fruit trees along the way.

How to find the ninth colossus

  1. The ninth colossus is in the northwest.
  2. Head to the north side of the Shrine of Worship and head towards the Natural Bridges. This time you take the east-west bridge to the left. Pass between the two pillars on the left and cross.
  3. There is a shrine in front of you (we recommend stopping here on your way to the third colossus). From the shrine, continue northwest. You’ll have to go around some ridges, but there are only two entrances to the Colossus Arena, and the one you’re looking for is directly northwest of the Sanctum.
  4. In search of the pool full of geysers. Go down the natural ramp and then cross the pool. On the other side is a cave where the colossus is waiting for you.

collectibles on the go

There are several collectibles nearby, but we already recommend you to collect them by going to the third colossus. If you haven’t, check out our Third Colossus guide to learn how to find them.

Approaching 9 versusOlosse

  1. The trick to climbing this behemoth is removing it from its lair until it’s over one of the geysers when it erupts.
  2. Stick with Agro for now – you’ll need his speed to dodge the fireballs.
  3. Grab your bow to make sure you get the Colossus’s attention.
  4. Keep dodging the fireballs and shooting them towards the geysers. If you see him standing on top of one, drop off Agro and wait.
  5. Your goal here is to keep the colossus where it is until the geyser erupts. You can push him left and right during the escape, but be careful not to run so far that he escapes the geyser.
  6. When the geyser erupts, two legs of the colossus are thrown. Walk around him until you can see the soles of his feet. Shoot an arrow at the glowing green dot on two of its feet (front and back on the same side) and it will roll sideways.
  7. He runs to his belly and starts climbing. You have to reach your stomach before he stands up.
  8. Once you get to the top, find a spot to stand so you still have something under your feet when he turns around.

defeat at 9 versusOlosse

  1. Run to the tail of the colossus’ “shell” where you’ll find a nice flat path along its spine to its head.
  2. Climb on his head to find the magic seal’s weak spot.
  3. He’ll do his best to throw you, so focus more on controlling your stamina than fully charged hits.
  4. It’s the only magical seal on this colossus, so stay here until you defeat it.
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