See how this grandmother turned two pallets into a rustic vertical herb garden

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  • If you love cooking with fresh herbs but don’t have room in your garden for an herb garden, we have the perfect DIY project. This homemade lava herb garden is easy to prepare and perfect for small gardens.

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    Vertical planters are ideal if you don’t have a lot of outdoor space. However, they can be expensive. However, man and grandmother Hellan Pearce used a trowel to create a vertical herb growing device for less than £10.

    DIY Stage Herb Garden

    “I made an herb garden because our garden is not very big and because we are in a new building. My husband likes to cook with herbs,” Helen explained.

    To keep costs down, Hellan decided to use wooden pallets for several DIY projects around the house, including an herb garden.

    “So I posted on Facebook asking my friends about unwanted trays that could be picked up according to social rules,” he explained. – People are great and give me a lot for free. They dropped them just in time to pick me up.

    Hellan uses two trays to make the planting platform. “It’s a simple process where one pallet is picked up and the end of each row is filled with wood from another pallet to create a channel,” Hellan said.

    She completes the herbal scene by lining each box with vegetable linings. He then drilled holes in the bottom of each box to drain the water.

    “I grow them without my favourite and most used herbs, which I bought from Asda for £1.49,” she explained.

    To add to the latest hype, Helan wrote the name of the herb in front of the permanent sign. If you don’t have Hellan confidence in your calligraphy, you can create a paper template to guide your hands.

    “These herbs have doubled since their inception, so the effect is very good,” Hellan said.

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