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It’s the first week of Fortnite battle royale Season four, and we have a new Battle Pass and challenges that come with it. While most of the challenges are still fairly easy, this one has multiple steps: Search letters FORTNITE.

Here is a map showing you all the different places you will visit.


You will find all eight letters in these eight places
Epic Games via Polygon

Luckily, the letters glow light blue and are usually pretty easy to spot. If you know where you are going you should have no problem picking them up. The letters also spell out Fortnite in the order you find them, so you don’t have to search for a missing T or anything.

dusty schnitzel

To type your first letter, go to the new decimation dusty schnitzel. East of the crater is an electricity tower. Land on the tower closest to the crater (or climb it if you have the resources) and you’ll find your first letter waiting for you.

risky roles

For the second letter go to risky roles and lands south of the name. Looking for the battered drive-in cinema screen. You’ll find your next letter above the crack. Climb up and overtake with specific resources.

acres of anarchy

To get the third letter, land on acres of anarchy and find the big red barn in the center of town. Climb up the building and go to the weather vein. Take the letter and jump to a safe place.

Between Tomato Town and Retail Row

For the fourth letter you have to go to the small crossroads. between tomato town and retail line. Go to the big metal structure in the middle of the city (it looks like a bridge from a distance). Once at the top, climb onto the platform or build yourself in the middle where the letter will be waiting for you.

enchanted hills

Letter five is in it enchanted hills, in the middle of the cemetery. As soon as you land you’ll notice it right away as it’s hovering in a normal spot above a large tombstone. Chop down a nearby tree and build on it.

nice park

Letter six takes you to the center of nice park. Build some steps up to the pavilion in the center of town. The letter will be waiting for you.

leaning towers

Land up for your next letter leaning towers. This letter is at the top of the bell tower, so trying to climb it yourself will be very expensive. If you’re good at flying, land on the top of the tower and grab it.

salt springs

For your last letter, you want to go straight east salt springs. Here is a watchtower with stairs to the top. Climb the stairs like a normal human, then build your own to reach the roof. Take your last card.

It wasn’t that hard, was it?

Please note that there will be many other players who want to complete this challenge. Try to be as accurate as possible with your shots and be ready to play multiple games.

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