Search between a Covered Bridge, Waterfall and 9th Green – Fortnite challenge location guide

The fifth season finale Fourteen days it’s about us Yes, it’s been a wild ride, but we’re finally into week 10 and it brings with it another tricky scavenger hunt challenge. The goal: “Look back and forth between a covered bridge, a waterfall and the ninth green.” You’ve probably already guessed where to look, but we’ll find out for you.


Epic Games via Polygon

They point to a place to the northeast next to it rotten links. Specifically, the ninth green from lazy links.

As soon as you approach, you should move away from a highly visible shed:


Epic Games via Polygon

Next to this shed you will find a speck of dirt and once you get close enough the star will appear. A piece of cake.

As this is the final week of Season 5, you only have one week left to complete all of your challenges. However, remember that the challenges of unlocking new styles for your skins will remain even after the season ends, so you don’t have to correct anything.

Good luck there and see you in Season 6!

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