Seahorse Crafts for Kids

Let’s dive into the depths of the sea and meet one of the cutest sea creatures! Time to get smart with these Seahorse crafts for kids!

Sea creatures are perfect for summer, especially on rainy days when you’re stuck at home!


We have quite a lot of different crafts – some are super easy and toddlers and preschoolers will have no problem making them, some are perfect for cute little preschoolers and some are a bit more challenging and suitable for older kids (or you 😉 a bit more ). But all pretty impressive!

1. Do you like suncatchers? Make this seahorse suncatcher an art! Very pretty!

2. You don’t have to be a sewing expert to make this adorable felt seahorse.

3. Here is another way to make a sun catcher. Approved for small children

4. We love cupcake liner crafts and this seahorse cupcake liner is so cute! The father of Pinterest

5. If your kids like to get dirty and create with their hands, they will love making this handprint seahorse.

6. You can turn your old wooden tray into a beautiful tray using a stencil and watercolors.

7. You can also make an awesome seahorse canvas! Mom tries

8. How about using some shaving cream and creating this underwater beauty? I like smart things

9. Use bubble wrap and make this colorful creation. Nursery Trinity

10. Here’s another art project you need to try! the smart class


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