Sea of Thieves guide: How to find islands, chickens, pigs and snakes

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Sea of ​​Thieves It has 64 islands, and finding one by name or knowing where a chicken, pig, or snake is located can be a daunting task. We have a list of all the islands below. With this guide you can find your location on the grid as well as information about the animals that live there.

Sea of ​​Thieves islandsplaces and their animals

To the order of souls Y trade alliance Missions require you to find an island or outpost by name. and for him trade alliance, you often need to find a specific animal. We’ve done the legwork for you, so use our box below to narrow your search. You can sort the table by any of the columns or use the search box to access an island by name.

There’s an element of randomness in there Sea of ​​Thieves Animal spawning, so you may not find the animals on the islands listed below. However, based on our testing, the islands are only home to certain animals, so the table below is still useful as a guide. If your island is empty or an animal is missing, it probably hasn’t appeared in your current session. Review the list and navigate to a location near you.

When searching, keep the following in mind:

  • There is no island with all three animal species.
  • Almost every island will have supplies: planks, bananas and cannonballs.
  • gunpowder kegs appear in at least one trade alliance Search, and they’re generally useful for blowing things up, so we’ll start adding them to the board as soon as we find them.

Sea of ​​Thieves Islands

island name letter grid grid number progressive Strong Chicken pigs snakes gunpowder
island name letter grid grid number progressive Strong Chicken pigs snakes gunpowder
Old Spire outpost v twenty-one Yes
Black Sandatoll j 3 Yes
Blackwater Enclave Yes 5 Yes
The Lagoon of the Blind Yes indeed 6 Yes
booty island NO 25 Yes Yes
Boulder Cay H 5 Yes
cannon grip H eleven Yes Yes
Shipwrecked Island METER sixteen Yes
chicken island k 19 Yes
Crescent Island B. ten Yes Yes Yes
thief hole What 19 Yes Yes
Cutlass key What 22 Yes
Daggertooth Outpost What 8th Yes
devil crown your 24 Yes Yes
explorer crest me twenty-one Yes Yes
fools pond k 17 Yes
Galleon’s Tomb Outpost Yes 9 Yes
Gold Sands Outpost D 12 Yes
Hidden source dungeon k 9 Yes
island of last words Yes indeed ten Yes
Kiel transport box versus seven Yes
Kraken Watchtower EITHER 6 Yes
Kraken’s demise Yes fifteen Yes Yes
Whisper Lagoon D fifteen Yes
The backbone of the liar Yes 13 Yes
lonely bay j 6 Yes Yes Yes
lonely island me 9 Yes
danger L 25 Yes
lost gold fortress j twenty-one Yes
The Marauder’s Ark v 3 Yes Yes
The Mermaid’s Harbour B. sixteen Yes Yes Yes
bad rock R 24 Yes Yes
old boots away P 17 Yes
Island of the Old Believers What 4 Yes Yes
old salt atoll grams 23 Yes
spring paradise EITHER twenty-one Yes
Rascal Palms k 4 Yes
plunder post METER 22 Yes
sack valley H 19 Yes Yes
The fate of the robber v 6 Yes
Key Rapier D 9 Yes
Rumrunner Island j eleven Yes
Sailor’s Bounty B. 4 Yes Yes
Sailor Knot Fortress me 17 Yes
salty sand me 3 Yes
Sanctuary Outpost f seven Yes
sandy flat land me 5 Yes
shabby island NO 4 Yes
The rest of the sea bass B. 13 Yes Yes
Shark Bait Bay me 24 Yes Yes
Shark Fin Camp your 5 Yes
Shark Tooth Key your fifteen Yes
Shipwreck Bay What 12 Yes Yes
Chill’s retreat v 13 Yes
dungeon skull your eleven Yes
smugglers bay f 3 Yes Yes Yes
snake island NO 19 Yes Yes
twisted masts j 13 Yes Yes
Raven’s Nest Fortress Yes indeed 22 Yes
the sunken grove j 8th Yes Yes
Thieves paradise P 24 Yes Yes
Tri Rock Island EITHER eleven Yes
twin groves me 13 Yes
Wanderer’s Shelter grams fifteen Yes Yes

Sea of ​​Thieves animal locations

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