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Image: Bandai Namco Studios/Bandai Namco Entertainment via Polygon

Inside Scarlet Nexus, find bright white cubes – materials – Hidden in different areas of each level as you navigate. The function of these items is not clear at first, but it is important to look for them during gameplay. These mysterious materials are key to obtaining rare items throughout the game.

polygon Scarlet Nexus The Materials Guide will help you understand what the materials are for. We’ll tell you how to find them, why you shouldn’t sell them, and where to use them.

What are the materials?

In every area of scarlet nexus, You can walk through glowing white cubes. They are usually off the main paths, hidden in alleys or in inconspicuous rooms.


Look for these cubes off the main path.
Image: Bandai Namco Studios/Bandai Namco Entertainment via Polygon

These cubes are called materials. If you find them on different levels, they will be assigned to that area. Enemies also have a chance to drop materials. Your materials will bear your name.

When you start gathering materials and they start taking up space in your inventory, you won’t immediately know what they are for. In fact, within the game’s opening hours, you can collect several before they become useful.

I do not sell materials

You realize early on that you can sell materials Satori the Archivist. Although every material has a good price, don’t.

Selling materials can be a great way to make money early on Scarlet Nexusbut no matter what difficulty you’re playing on, there’s no real reason to rack up cash in the early hours of the game. You cannot buy weapons, armor, or accessories. Stronger plugins early in the game so money isn’t an issue until much later.

Save all your materials as they will be invaluable once you get to the second chapter of the game.

Exchange materials for rare gifts

Sometime in the second chapter, Satori the Archivist gets a new option in his shop: Exchange. Once you can trade materials in your shop, you’ll find that you can get upgraded weapons, items, other gear, and most importantly Currently.


Store materials for trading in Satori’s shop
Image: Bandai Namco Studios/Bandai Namco Entertainment via Polygon

Trading materials for gifts is important, as gifts are one of the best ways to increase your bond with other characters. Gifts are unique items that you can give to other characters during the breaks between each chapter. Trading gear with Satori is the only way to get gifts.

Although you can trade materials in Satori’s shop for items and materials instead of spending money, you should save materials for gifts. Since gifts cannot be purchased with money, which is a more common resource, you should save materials for gifts only.

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