Sam Faiers follows craze of ceiling decorations for Christmas

Thanks to this latest decoration, wherever you go, start looking like Santa’s cave! Christmas ceiling decorations are taking over Instagram and our home.

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The Samantha Faiers family certainly brought this new trend to the forefront. This is the decoration that Elf Buddy likes.

Giant baubles and stars hanging from the ceiling make Christmas beautiful!

This year, Sam didn’t halfheartedly decorate his home for the holidays. The former TOWIE star shared her creation with fans on Instagram, saying ‘Christmas for Knightley 🎄✨❤️🎅🏼. (Guys, I know it’s super OTT, but I’m obsessed with 👏😉😁’.

In his own words, OTT displays are highly regarded. While some are not too fans, others politely commented: “Too many x’s” in my opinion.

In addition to embracing the latest Christmas decorating trends, Sam is also serious about “party table design.”

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Decorate the ceiling for Christmas…

Christmas ceiling decoration

(Image credit: 34 Mayfair)

One of the best examples of elegant decorative ceilings we’ve seen is 34 Mayfair. A London restaurant has been revamped for the festive season with more than 14,000 decorations, including 8,400 jewels. As you can see above, jewels adorn every ceiling and wall space.

Decorating the entire ceiling might be a little too ambitious for an average house, but what do you think?

Who says you can’t catch a trend in a less ostentatious way and still start it?

Various kinds of pomelo are becoming more and more popular as seasonal decorations. They are the easiest way to have as little impact as possible in terms of scale and color.

While they primarily dominate the railings of hallways, their best location is the ceiling. As pictured, paper ornaments hang from the ceiling, and the simple arrangement of branches creates an eye-catching image.

Dining room with wooden tables and chairs

(Photo: Future PLC / Brent Darby Style: Leoma Harper / Holly Phillips)

Equally simple principles, hanging branches adorned with jewels form the perfect alternative centerpiece for a festive table.

In this rustic home, simple foliage, pine cones and embossed accents help create a sophisticated look from the ceiling.

Bubbles help Sam create his amazing party. Here we look at how to use balloons to make a dramatic statement without attaching anything to the ceiling. Balloons are like baubles, perfect for an offbeat Christmas display.

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Are you going to dress up for Christmas?

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