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Sanctuary Rucco Maag it is indoors The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildis Lanayru Tower area in east Hyrule, southeast of Lanayru Tower.

In this BOTH Guide we will help you find the location of the Rucco Maag Shrine and take you through the Five Flames Switch puzzle inside to collect yours chest Y spirit ball.

Rucco Maag Sanctuary map location and tour

To solve the puzzle you have to activate the switches so that each flame of the floating cube in the center lights up. It’s quite a complicated process, so we made a video for you.

Here’s the order, notated (all directions assume you’re standing in front of the cube with the switches, facing the water):

  1. To the right
  2. High
  3. Behind
  4. The left
  5. Before the
  6. To the right
  7. High
  8. Behind
  9. High

After solving the exit, stand in front of the fire near each pillar and shoot an arrow through them. You will catch fire in the air, land on the wooden platforms with two treasure chests on the back wall, the wood will burn and the treasure chests will fall to the ground. The treasure on the left has a opaland the right one has silver bow.

You can visit now Rukkopick up yours spirit ball and go.

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