Resident Evil Village guide: Labyrinth puzzles and ball locations


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You will find four Maze Puzzle spread over Resident Evil VillageThe World Each maze has a corresponding Ball Key item that you need to find nearby. To solve the maze you need to roll the ball through a short track to the goal. Each maze will reward you with a valuable skull that you can sell to Duke.

In this RE8 In this tutorial, we’ll show you the locations of the four maze puzzles and their associated balls, and give you quick tips on how best to navigate them.

Resident Evil Village Castle Dimitrescu maze puzzle

The first maze puzzle can be found in the Merchant’s Room shortly after entering Castle Dimitrescu. You will also find the Norshteyn labyrinths file here.

Flower Swords Ball location

The Castle Dimitrescu maze puzzle needs those flower spade ball. You can find this key item on the second floor of the Opera House while finding the Mask of Joy.


Graphics: Jeffrey Parkin | Source: Capcom via Polygon

In the main room of the opera house, follow the balcony to the north room. Deal with the vampire and then take those flower spade ball key element

In the merchant’s room, use the flower sword ball made the model of the castle – the Norshteyn’s Labyrinth.


Labyrinth puzzle from the trader’s room.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Your job is to tilt the lock to make the ball roll down the path (just like the annoying version of the “game” you might have had as a kid). The way is easy until the end. After the last corner there are three holes. Tilt the lock towards you and roll the ball around the nearest ledge until it lands in the glowing hole.

Your reward is a crimson skull worth 8,000 lei.

Maze Puzzle Resident Evil Village House Benevento/Garden

On your way back from the Benevento house you will find the next labyrinthine puzzle: the spooky house full of dolls. Both the puzzle and the ball are in the garden area.

Position of the ball of the sun and the moon

After defeating Donna and Angie in the Benevento house, head towards the garden area and take the first right you find.


Graphics: Jeffrey Parkin | Source: Capcom via Polygon

At the back of the house, follow the gazebo tunnel to some graves and a tree. Circle to find a box with that sun and moon ball Inside.

Walk over to the gardener’s house on the north side of the garden.


Inside, turn right to find the next maze puzzle and place it on the sun and moon ball You have just found The road does not fork and there are no holes. Your task is simply to move the ball slowly so that it does not go off the track. collect Onyx Skull if you succeed

Resident Evil Village Reservoir Maze Puzzle

You can find the third maze puzzle in the windmill hut on your way to the reservoir where you will fight Moreau.

Location of the mermaid ball

you won’t find it Mermaid Ball through this maze until you return from the Moreau boss fight.

Part of the gate opening process is finding the offer Key element at the top of the two windmill. With this you can open the mechanical door east of windmill hut. This will lead you to the Moreau lab area.


Graphics: Jeffrey Parkin | Source: Capcom via Polygon

There is a mechanical door next to the sign with the indication laboratory. Use the offer To open it.

Follow the path up and turn right at the fork. Break the crate for some Sniper Rifle Ammo, and cross the bridge. Turn left and get those Mermaid Ball of the sanctuary there.

Go down the hill to the Windmill Shack. Turn left and you will find another one. Maze Puzzle South in a shed behind the cottage.

put that Mermaid Ball. You don’t have to touch the controls until after the water wheel. There’s only one hard-to-watch spot: the broken path on the far left. Otherwise just follow the path to the end.

Pick up the… Up yellow-green skull.

Resident Evil Village Heisenberg’s factory maze puzzle

The fourth and final puzzle of the maze has an extra step: you have to find a shape and start iron horse ball key element itself.


Graphics: Jeffrey Parkin | Source: Capcom via Polygon

You can find the Heisenberg factory maze puzzle on level B4 of the factory. The puzzle is opposite the Duke’s elevator.

Location of the iron horse spherical shape

You will find them spherical shape at the top of the grinding shaft Factory premises in Heisenberg.

When you go upstairs through the (stopped) blades, go through the east door.


Graphics: Jeffrey Parkin | Source: Capcom via Polygon

Go up the stairs and turn left. On the north wall, push the cart out of the way and into the tunnel. Follow him through the locked room and open the case for them there spherical shape.

Bring that back to foundry in B4 and use the casting machine to create the iron horse ball.

From Duke’s Elevator in B4, go across the hall and place the iron horse ball in the maze puzzle.


Image: Capcom via Polygon

The hardest part of this maze is in the middle layer when you assemble the equipment. Remember to use the left and right triggers to rotate your view.

collect Skull Bister.

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