Resident Evil 2 Claire walkthrough Part 15: NEST — W-03 West Area

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TO THE RIGHT. you are on your way to resident evil 2from the west side. Cross the bridge and pick it up Digital Laboratory Video Cassette (Key Component) labeled Operation NESTS (1) from the corpse. There is a grenade also close.

Bioassay Laboratory

In the lab you will find a Article frame and a circuit breaker labeled One-time sign-up. Use your signal modulator to restore power.

Insert the videotape into the VCR to watch a short video about Dr. look at Birkin.

Interact with the computer to read William Birkin’s inbox.

Go through the lab to the bioreactor room and collect these blue grass in the room in front of the cloakroom High quality powder (white) over a sink in the dressing room.

Bioreactor Room > Test Lab Level P-4

Go through the bioreactor room to the lab. read them research journal via the computer. At the end of the hall, interact with the machine to get the antivirus.

New Objective: Return to Sherry

Before leaving, check out the room to the north gunpowder (large)a red grassY High quality powder (white). There is also a typewriter and a box of items.

Go back to Sherry and watch the following scene.

Boss fight G (Level 3)

Killing G is really easy this time. Aim for the eyes. New ones will appear and appear. Shoot these too.

Bring healing items. Bring your strongest ammo. Now is not the time to cheat. You’ll also find items of almost every type scattered around the area you’re fighting.

If he throws things, put something between you and him (like a wall) so he doesn’t fall on you and explode.

When he’s dead, go around the room to pick up items you didn’t pick up during the fight.

New Objective: Return to Sherry

after the fight

take the elevator Go back to the northern area where you started. Visit Sherry again, watch a cutscene and get Level IV Chip update (administrator).

New objective: escape from the laboratory

take the center lift.

surveillance room, etc.

Exit the elevator and pick these up First Aid Spray to your right and the combat knife in transition. Get out the door, start saving and stock up on supplies. If you have ammo, now is the time to equip it.

Make your way through the next few rooms and keep the ivy at bay. pick it up Machine gun x400 in the room by car.

pick it up common plug in the wagon. Put it on the mechanism in the next room.

Guess who’s back?

Boss fight G (level 4)

This fourth iteration of Boss Fight is all about keeping your distance and shooting at your newbie machine gun.

Aim for the eyes on his chest. Again, now is not the time to cheat. You don’t have to worry about how much ammo you have after this fight. It’s time to end it.

You can get an extra target if you shoot it at a wall. When he starts crawling, you’re almost there.

And it’s a wrap.

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