Renault Twingo review


What is?

The third generation of Renault’s city car, and as radical today as the first was when it arrived in 1993. The architecture shared with the new Smart ForTwo and ForFour has helped Renault and Mercedes justify development costs and allowed them to be a little more gutsy with the basics. So here we have a rear-engine sedan that drives the rear wheels, offering packaging and refinement advantages.

The current engine range is limited to a turbocharged 0.9 or naturally aspirated 1.0, and we understand that Renaultsport will also get involved at some point. Great.

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Our choice of the range.

Front quarter of the Renault Twingo
0.9 TCE Dynamic 5 doors [Start Stop]

What’s the verdict?

As entertaining and satisfying as old Twingo was ordinary and mediocre.
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