Rage 2 guide: Currencies, upgrades, and components

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anger 2 It might be a fairly simple game and a lot of fun, but the mechanics behind it aren’t. There are menus within menus, and each has an associated tagline or item.

It’s an overwhelming maze at first, but we’re here to help you navigate it. We’ll break down common currencies below, and then talk about the menus you’ll use them in.

Coins: Cash and Feltrite

There are two base currencies – currencies not associated with any particular upgrade tree – in anger 2.

money is the most obvious (and literal) currency. It works as expected. You collect money from the wasteland, then take it to a merchant like The Loquacious Wanderer to exchange for items.


Feltrite embedded in a meteorite
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The other Wasteland currency is felt rit. This one is a bit stranger as Feltrite is a currency but also a healing item.

Feltrite are the blue crystals you find embedded in walls, squirrels inside storage container, or in meteorites. These are also the blue vials that pop out of enemies’ heads when you shoot them. Feltrite fills your health bar, but you also have a wallet of Feltrite to spend on upgrades.

Update currencies (and menus).

The rest of the articles have been adjusted to currencies in anger 2 They are associated with specific upgrade menus (or menus within menus). Let’s talk about each tab in your menu and the currencies you will be using there.

inventory menu


Blueprints unlock levels in your inventory.
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Left of you inventory menu you will see a list of disposable and injectable items that you carry with you. At the top right you can see the current level of this item. You unlock the next level by buying a Update schema at a dealer (in cash).

Once you reach level 2 on one of your items, you can craft others. The components you need are listed below on the left, such as: B. explosive components or chemical components. The components you currently have can be found in the Means left tab below craft materials.

Nanotrite menu


Nanotrite abilities have levels and benefits.
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you unlock Nanotrite Abilities Visiting Arks (usually after fighting many enemies). Again, there is a list of your skills on the left and the level of each skill on the right.

You unlock the next level of a skill by spending money felt rit. With each level, an associated value such as damage or range is increased. Each level also unlocks a new level advantage.

Access the benefits of this ability from the central panel of your Nanotrite menu. This is an upgrade tree for each skill. You unlock perks by assigning them Nanotrite Amplifier for her. Each buff costs one booster, regardless of level.

You can buy Nanotrite boosters with money from merchants or find them at Ark chests in the wasteland.

weapon menu


Each weapon has a level and mods.
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Just like your Nanotrite abilities, you’ll find new weapons in Arks. the weapons the menu also appears.

On the right you can see the level of each of your weapons. You will unlock new levels by spending Feltrite. Weapons also get a bonus with each level – check the stats on the left to see that.

For each level you can choose one Fashion, like a larger magazine capacity or faster reloading. To unlock a mod you will spend Basic weapon mods. At level 1 the mod costs you one heart. At level two it costs two and so on. Basic weapon mods are usually found in Ark Chests.

Projects menu


Unlock additional projects by unlocking projects.
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projects They are skills and upgrades related to combat, engineering, and your magical abilities (Nanorites). They are all connected to the Dagger Project NPCs.

Unlike the other upgrades above, you don’t have to do anything special to unlock the next level of a project. You just need to buy two previous level projects by assigning them project points.

You get Project Points by earning XP for each of the NPCs by completing various locations, activities, and objectives for them. (That’s a long way to say: Do what your card says and you score points.)

In the middle of your menu you can see which activities on the map earn points for each NPC. Agenda items are not specific to the NPC giving them to you, so you can spend them on whoever you want.

vehicle menu


You can only upgrade the phoenix, but you can get an ejection seat, so why would you need anything else?
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Vehicle upgrades are much easier. You can only upgrade your first car, the Phoenix.

Unlock updates required car parts. You can buy them for money from merchants, see them Ark chestsdestroy convoys catch her

increase coins


The Cyber ​​Doc at Wellspring
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The last update type and associated currency are manufacturer specific: die cyberdoc inside font. He sold increases that improve your health, overdrive or weapon damage.

All of these boosts cost one gland of lifea Arktek Coreand a Neuronic interface everyone. You can obtain these materials from Ark Chests or by defeating tough enemies such as cyber shredder.

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