Prey guide: ‘With This Ring …’ optional objective walkthrough

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preyThe optional objective “With this ring…” begins when you reach the cargo hold during “Shipping and Receiving” and meet up with the other survivors. One of the survivors is on the ground floor, in the area where you installed the turrets as part of Cargo Bay Defenses Kevin Haye. He will ask you if you have seen his wife.

Look for Nicole Hague


You can view Nicole Hague’s tracking bracelet on any computer at security or read the next sentence. She is in the Executive Suites domain of crew quarters. you will need them Executive suite gravity elevator access code to go up there. You can find it in the supply closet on the second floor to the left yellow tulip. (This is the same locker you use to examine Captain Stabfellow’s map in Treasure Hunt.)

take back the alliance



When you first enter the Executive Suite, you will encounter Nicole in her ghost form. She is in the guest suite down the hall with the spirit of Argentinian but. Shoot him and loot his corpse for a neuromoda recycling fee and the alliance.

Return Kevin Hague’s wedding ring


All you have to do is go back Kevin Haye in which stop with the sad news of having completed the optional objective “With this ring…”.

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