Prey guide: ‘Shuttle Advent’ walkthrough

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when you explore preyFor example, ‘s Talos 1 Bridge through the Arboretum, at the end of “Danielle Sho”, provides information about a shuttle with Talos 1 survivors on board. And headed for earth.

In the optional objective “Shuttle Advent” there is only one decision to make: whether to blow up the shuttle or not. And there is no right or wrong answer here. We won’t tell you what to do. We will simply assist you in finding the necessary information to make your decision. Note that we didn’t say “ease your decision”.

captain’s loft


Of Talos Bridge 1Go up the stairs on the right to find it captain’s loft. First check the captain’s computer – here’s an email saying the shuttle left before the first alarm went off.


Go to the other side of the room you entered. The captain is at your feet. pick it up Transcribe and listen to their debate on what to do with the shuttle. (Hint: You can also loot Jada Mark’s cabin key card from his body to use during “The Golden Gun”.)

And that’s it. Commute Strength left before the typhoons reached Talos 1. They found no imitators during the security scan (when not looking for imitators). And only 30 minutes passed between the departure of the shuttle and the sounding of the first alarms.


Go to the console right next to where Captain Marks fell. It only has two buttons. The shuttle is allowed to land safely, eventually unleashing mimics on Earth. The other blows up a shuttle carrying distraught workers lucky enough to miss the horrors of breaking the blockade.

And the clock is running out.

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