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When you start a new game preymany access codes for doors and safes are randomly generated. Although they are different in your game than ours, our in-depth guide will show you where to find them, all the way to Talos 1.

Miscellaneous prey however, the codes are static and will never change. These codes are listed in the table below. As you progress through Talos 1, you can use this guide as a quick reference.

We should also point out that investing in the hacking skill tree, which allows you to access (or bypass) computer systems, is also very useful for bypassing key cards.

Prey Key Codes

location surname key code
location surname key code
crew quarters dr Calvin’s safe 0523
hardware labs dr Thorstein’s safe 9954
Neuromod department secure report 5150
power plant reactor room 3845
psychotronics arsenal 8714
Talos 1 off dr Igwe’s cargo container 2312
Hall of Talos 1 morgan yu office 0451
Hall of Talos 1 security safe 0526
Hall of Talos 1 Waiting room 1129
Hall of Talos 1 it department 0913
Hall of Talos 1 dr DeVries’ vault 7324

Our prey The guides don’t stop there. For more information on an exploit in the game creation system, see our other guides, previews of preyNeuromod’s skill tree, inventory, finding and fighting mimics, achievements and trophies, plus our beginner’s guide full of tips, tricks and explanations to help you master it. prey.

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