Prey guide: ‘Gustav Leitner’ optional objective walkthrough


Once you’ve completed Reset, you’ll regain access to Talos 1. As long as you return to the Arboretum, for example for objectives like Gardening Tips, Golden Gun, Talos Smuggler Ring, or Shuttle Advent: you’ll gain access to Your TranScribe a call from Dr. Igwe This obviously assumes that you Dr. Saved Igwe during This Side Up.

dr Igwe asks you to retrieve a connectome, essentially a specific neuromod, from his cabin. He’ll also give you an audio snippet you’ll need to open his vault.

dr Igwe asked me to obtain a connectome linked to the late Gustav Leitner, a famous pianist whose brain was scanned with TranStar. Igwe gave me an audio clip of a concert excerpt that opens a safe in his booth when played from my TranScribe.

Get Gustav Leitner’s connectome in Dr. Igwe’s quarters off



The cabin of Dr. Inside is a useless marker on your HUD pointing to a billboard. To access the vault, you must navigate the menus and play the concert rehearsal that Dr. Igwe sent you. it can be found under Data, Audio Recordings, “Leitner Music Sampler”.

When the recording ends, the poster slides and releases the vault. Drain it for a few moments hypopsisa suit chipseta neuromod and the connectome you are looking for.

Give Gustav Leitner’s connectome to Dr. Igwe back

dr Igwe hangs out in his office with Mikhaila (assuming he saved her during or after “Reboot”) and Jan. Head back into the Talos 1 hallway and go upstairs to your office. Talking to him will complete this optional objective and earn the Gift to the World trophy/achievement.

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