Porsche Taycan 4S – long-term review

Goodbye Porsche Taycan: the most satisfying electric vehicle to live?

When you’re ‘tasked’ to drive a former Top Gear Car of the Year winner for six months, you can be sure it won’t be a stink. Surprise surprise, the 4S isn’t, but it’s not just a victory lap either, there were bumps in the road.

Mainly in the form of its Audi sister vehicle, the e-tron GT. Is the Audi prettier? Most would say so, but frankly it doesn’t matter: the Taycan doesn’t have the same chiseled skills, but it’s a beautiful beast nonetheless. More worrying is the driving showdown between Ollie and Greg last month on the UK’s first electric-only track day. Long story short, the Audi took it…didn’t expect it.

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Aha, “but your Taycan doesn’t come standard with four-wheel steering and torque vectoring like the e-tron GT does.” Well no, in fact the e-tron GT in the fleet is one of the first UK cars with a bit of a curious specification, so it doesn’t have a 4WS either.

We’re talking tiny differences in attitude in the corner and out of the corner, but those things still matter when you’ve paid for the Porsche badge. The truth is, never take your Taycan to the track (according to 99.9% of owners) and never drive a similarly spec e-tron GT, and you’ll never be disappointed.

That’s because all things Porsche-y are present and correct. The gut-wrenching acceleration, of course, but especially the steering and braking feel (although the latter should delicately mix regeneration with disc-on-disc friction) are excellent, while the low riding position, the placement of the pedals, the steering wheel angle, even the click of the thick gear selector are perfect. Everything has been thought of to make the process of sitting down and using the Taycan as pleasant as possible.

As far as the practical aspect is concerned, the Taycan’s tail is a little strange, as it is available, it is conçu pour s’insérer parfaitement sous la Panamera plutôt que de le laisser s’agrander légèrement pour rendre les sièges arrière plus confortables pour grown ups. Porsche will argue that there will be a purely electric Panamera soon if more space is needed, but we’re impatient, so it’s still less of an issue.

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No problem for my two young children who were happily ensconced there in their child seats. Luggage space is decent enough (I managed several heroic Jenga-packing efforts), especially if you stick your nose in with your soft bags, but watch out for the sloping trunk lid, your stuff needs to be wrapped to fit in the angle. Or now the Cross Turismo exists and looks even better, you would just have it, right?

Other drawbacks include the two-speed gearbox, fitted by Porsche to improve off-the-line pace and efficiency at high speeds. To be fair, the shifts are seamless once you’re up and running, but when you want a hit of acceleration at slower speeds in one of the smoother drive modes, you have to wait for a kickdown. With the electric, we sacrifice sounds and manual shifting (lever or paddles) so you at least want instant torque. If Tesla can be the king of range and one-gear speed, it seems like an odd choice.

To vary? No problem: a real-world 240 miles isn’t exceptional these days, but it’s already beyond the limits of my bladder and snacks, and with the excellent Andersen home charger recommended by Porsche, I started every day with a full tank. . Conclusion: about to go electric? You probably don’t need as much battery power as you think.

A great final touch with Mamba Green paint, which made up for the black hole of an interior (be brave, you won’t regret it) and the overall ownership experience, which aside from an unfortunate interface with a moped, took place without a hitch No electronic faults , no build quality issues unlike the e-tron GT.

But in the end, it all comes down to intuition. After eight months, does the Taycan still feel special? Do I still think about it in the wee hours of the morning? Is the electric car game further advanced? Yes, yes and definitely yes.

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Top Gear Porsche Taycan 4S – long-term reviewTop Gear Porsche Taycan 4S – long-term reviewTop Gear Porsche Taycan 4S – long-term review

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