Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Hulbury gym: Guide to beating Nessa


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the second gym Pokemon sword Y Sign he faces off against Nessa, a brave water expert, in Hulbury.

Nessa is one of the early gym leaders and doesn’t use any special cheats, but if you’re struggling, check out our guide below.

Hulbury Gym Challenge

In Nessa’s gym you have to flip switches to open and close water pipes. There are three colors of pipes and switches: red, yellow and blue. Each color shuts off the pipe of the same color, allowing you to get through without getting blocked by the water. As you roam, a handful of water-type trainers will challenge you to battle. Once you’ve cleared a path and reached the back doors, you can challenge Nessa.

Nessa’s Pokemon


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Nessa uses three Pokemon, all of which are Pure Water types, except for her Drednaw, which is Water and Stone type. She gigamaxes her drednaw when she sends them outSo, just like Milo, save your Dynamax until then so you can even playfields.

  1. Gold, Level 22, Water
  2. Arrokuda, level 23, water
  3. Drednaw, level 24, water/rock

Recommended counters against Nessa

Nessa is weak against Grass- and Electric-type Pokémon. Drednaw is also weak to combat and ground movement.

Here are some good Pokemon to catch and evolve for this gym, along with the easiest places to find them:

  • bass speakerswater and soil type
    It can be found in West Lake Axewell in the Wild Area except in sunny and snowy weather.
  • candykind of grass
    Found in Rolling Fields, Dappled Grove, West Lake Axewell, Watchtower Ruins, and East Lake Axewell in the wild
  • much (Sign solo), grass and water type
    Found on Route 2
  • seed (sword solo), grass species
    Found on Route 2

Note that while Wooper doesn’t have Grass or Electric attacks, he does make a great counter against Nessa’s Drednaw. If your Wooper (or Quagsire) knows how to soak up water, most of Nessa’s hard hits will heal your Wooper. On top of that, if he knows Mud Shot, he’ll quickly deal with Drednaw.

Hulbury Gym Awards

After defeating Nessa, you’ll get TM36, Jacuzzi, and a water-like fitness uniform to wear outside of fitness challenges. You can also catch Pokemon up to level 30.

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