Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Hammerlocke gym: Guide to beating Raihan


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The last fitness leader in Pokemon sword Y Sign is Raihan, a Dragon-type Gym Leader.

Despite being referred to as a Dragon-type user, he actually only uses two Dragon-type Pokemon. So check out our guide on how to beat him.

Hammerlock Gym Challenge

Raihan’s Gym Challenge pits you against three different trainers, each using different weather conditions to gain an advantage. in a double fight. Once you’ve successfully defeated them, you can face Raihan.

Raihan’s Pokemon


Game Freak, The Pokémon Company/Nintendo via Polygon

More complicated than other Gym Leaders, Raihan only uses two Pokémon that are actually Dragon-types. His fight is not only a double fight, but he uses Sandstorm, which means all of your Pokemon that aren’t Ground, Rock, or Steel-types take damage each turn. His Gigalito knows it too stealth rock, a move that damages your Pokemon when you send it out. As with other gym leaders, Gigantamaxes her last Pokemon, Duraludon..

  1. Flygon, Level 47, Ground/Dragon
  2. Gigalito, level 46, rock
  3. Sandaconda, level 46, floor
  4. Duraludon, Level 48, Dragon/Steel

Recommended counters against Raihan

Raihan’s Dragon-types are weak against Dragon, Faerie, and Ice-types with few exceptions. For Gigalith and Sandaconda, you can use Water and Grass types to take them down.

Here are some good Pokemon to catch and evolve for this gym, along with the easiest places to find them:

  • Milkreyfairy
    found on Route 4
  • chopped upcontinue
    found on Route 6
  • Darumakathe ice cream
    Found on Route 8
  • Magikarplike the water
    Route 2, Wilderness Area, Motostoke, via Pesca

Raihan Gym rewards

After winning you get TM99Breaking Swipe, a dragon-type gymnastics uniform that can be worn outside of challenges, and the ability to catch Pokémon up to level 60.

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