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Pokemon sword Y Sign offers many ways to train your Pokémon EV.

EVs, or Effort Values, are bonus stats that Pokemon gain through various methods. These can add a significant amount of stat points to your Pokemon. So if you’re interested in taking on the Battle Tower or taking part in competitive online battles, you should probably EV train your Pokemon to ensure it packs the biggest punch. .

Before you start EV training, remember that you can only give a Pokemon 510 EV. Four EVs equal one stat point. Most Pokemon want two max EV stats (252) and one remaining EV stat, and some competitive builds split them up in different ways.

For Togekiss, for example, you’ll probably want to increase his speed and special attack while throwing the rest on defense for an offensive build. A more defensive build could have max speed and HP instead.

The highest number of EVs you can have in a stat is technically 255, but since the game calculates EVs in multiples of four, having 252 is the same. This allows you to plug the extra EVs into a different stat.

EV training with wild Pokémon


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Defeating a specific Pokémon grants an EV for a specific status. This is the slowest way to boot up EVs, but it will get the job done.

Knocking out the following Pokemon will give you an EV in the following stats:

  • Skwovet: HP
  • chew: attack
  • Gastly: Special Attack
  • Rolycoly: Defense
  • Gossifleur: Special Defense
  • Beginner: speed

There are many more Pokemon that give EV, but these are some of the first Pokemon that are easy to find.

EV training with objects


Game Freak, The Pokémon Company/Nintendo via Polygon

vitamins Increase each EV by 10. While it sounds simple, vitamins are quite expensive. They cost 10,000 PokéDollars each and can be found in the main Pokémon Center in Wyndon. They are also available for 2 Battle Points each at the central Pokémon Center in Hammerlocke.

The following statistics increase:

  • PS up: PS
  • Protein: Attack
  • Calcium: Special Attack
  • Iron: Defense
  • Zinc: special defense
  • Carbohydrates: speed

There are also at the, which you can find as glowing objects on the Route 5 bridges and on the ground on the outskirts of Motosoke. They increase one EV at a time and improve the following stats:

  • Health Wing: HP
  • Muscle Wings: Attack
  • Genius Wings: Special Attack
  • Endurance Wings: Defense
  • Clever Wing: Special Defense
  • Swift Wing: Speed

EV training with jobs


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Once you reach Hammerlocke, you will unlock a new set pushing jobs which you can use to train your Pokémon with EV. The longer you send them, the more EV they get.

For every hour your Pokémon completes a job, you gain 4 EV. The game won’t tell you exactly how long you’re sending your Pokemon out for, instead asking you to put it to work for a “short” or “very long” period of time, but here’s a translation of what that means:

  • Some time: 1 hour (4 EVs)
  • Very short: 2 hours (8 EV)
  • Short: 3 hours (12 EV)
  • Long: 4 hours (16 EV)
  • Very long: 8 hours (32 EV)
  • Half day: 12 hours (48 EV)
  • Full-time: 24 hours (96 EV)

lower EVs


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If you accidentally increased the wrong value and want to get rid of the EVs, the only way to do it is by using specific berries.

Feeding your Pokemon the following berries will decrease the EV of the stat by 10 and increase your Pokemon’s happiness:

  • Pomeg Berry: Reduces HP
  • Seaweed Berry: Reduces Attack
  • Hondew Berry: Reduces Special Attack
  • Qualot Berry: lower defense
  • Grepa Berry: Reduces Special Defense
  • Berry Size: Slowed

Higher EV gain

There are two things that can help your Pokémon gain EV: Pokérus and holding items.

pokerus It’s a rare “disease” that your Pokemon can get randomly. Though it looks scary, Pokérus actually doubles your EV gain, making it great for EV training. Once your Pokémon has the virus, it retains its benefits forever, but is only contagious for a few days before being “cured.” To circulate Pokérus you just have to fight and it will spread in your party.


Game Freak, The Pokémon Company/Nintendo via Polygon

You can also give your Pokemon specific items to increase EV gain. that macho hugwhich can be purchased at the central Hammerlocke Pokemon Center for 10 BP each will double EV gains from battles and jobs.

that power elements will be eight additional electric vehicles per event. If you do an hour-long Poké-Job, the Pokémon holding the item will gain 12 EV instead of four EV. In turn, the power item halves your Pokemon’s speed while equipped. Energy items can also be purchased from Hammerlocke for 10BP each.

Power items increase the following stats:

  • Power-to-weight ratio: hp
  • Bracer of Power: Attack
  • Power Lens: Special Attack
  • Belt of Power: Defense
  • Powerband: Special Defense
  • Anklet of Power: Speed

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