Pokemon Shield’s Stow-on-Side gym: Guide to beating Allister


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Pokémon shieldThe fourth gym leader is Allister, a ghost expert from Stow-on-Side.

Pokemon sword Instead, players will encounter a Combat-type Gym Leader, Bea.

Allister can be a tricky fight if you’re not prepared due to the strong nature of Ghost-type Pokemon. Check out our guide below for help.

Stow on Side Gym Challenge

In Allister’s Gym, you spin around in a vehicle that functions much like a carnival teacup. Twist your analog stick to turn it in any direction you want while letting spooky hands nudge you in the right direction. Each time you complete a stage you will face a fitness trainer. After completing the challenge, you will face Allister.

Allister’s Pokemon


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Allister uses Ghost and he Gigantamax its Gengar once it’s shippedSo prepare accordingly.

  1. Yamask, Level 34, Ground/Spirit
  2. Mimikyu, level 34, spirit/fairy
  3. Cursola, level 35, ghost
  4. Gengar Level 35 Spirit/Poison

Recommended counters for Allister

Allister’s Ghost-types are weak to both Ghost and Dark-types, but most of them have double strike, making it a bit harder to find a compatible weakness for each of them. They all retain their Ghost-type resistance, but using Ghost-types also makes you vulnerable to being hit by super effective moves. Also remember that normal and combat moves are not dealt none Damage to Allister’s Pokemon, but neither does normal types obtain Damage from Ghost attacks.

Here are some good Pokemon to catch and evolve for this gym, along with the easiest places to find them:

  • dropsghost/flying
    Found in the Watchtower Ruins in the Wild Area, Route 5
  • DarknessSpirit
    Found in Watchtower Ruins and Motostoke Shore in the Wild Area
  • with special needsdark/fairy
    Found outside of Motostoke
  • Sneaseldark/frosty
    Found on a snowy day on the Motostoke Riverbank in the Wilderness Area

Stow on Side Gym Rewards

After becoming Allister, you will be rewarded with TM77, Hex, and a Ghost Fitness Uniform to wear outside of Gym Challenges. You can also catch Pokemon up to level 40.

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